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Food blogging is emerging as one of the most influential mediums to spread awareness and ideas amongst food enthusiasts ascross the globe. I especially love the ones that feature street foods. This is one of my favorite videos by Flatchat about 'Must have food experiences inMumbai'

A still from my favorite movie 'Burnt'

Ned was tirelessly chopping the veggies on his kitchen slab, when Peter barged inside overflowing with enthusiasm.

“Hey, what’s up? Gosh! I thought we would go clubbing tonight...but you seem to be disturbed!” Peter reflected with the dying remains of his overwhelm.

“Not disturbed but I am nervous for sure,” Ned replied, with his hands still trying to get the perfect cuts.

“But why?” Peter asked.

“Well, the head chef of ‘Lavish Spreads’ has organised a chef’s competition...I have registered for it,” Ned resonated thoughtfully.

“Wow! And what are the criteria?” Peter inquired with sparkles in his eyes.

“Taste, innovation, presentation and popularity” Ned answered.

“Well, for the rest you are good to go...but what about your popularity? How many followers do you have on twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc?” Peter asked with deep concern. After moments of speechlessness, he got his answer in the perplexed silence on Ned’s face. Hence he decided to volunteer and help Ned create a brand for himself and his art, with the help of social networking sites.

Few months later, Ned went on to win the contest. In his award acceptance speech, he thanked Peter and his farsightedness, which helped him break his encrusting and emerge as a brand.

The above tale is fictitious, but the importance of social networking is the grave reality of today.

This is the era of short lived memories. The world is revolving in a cloud of information around us. Every moment celebrities are created and destroyed. And in this jungle of hash tags, it is important to be a social junkie for creation and sustenance of brands.

Cooking is an art. Culinary skills can be cultivated by sheer passion and knowledge.

Some sdvantages of social networking in the sumptuous world of food are discussed below.

  • When we talk of food, this world is diverse to divergent. Every country, state, district and even alley, can be the breeding ground of new tastes and flavours. And social networking has brought this entire foodie world together and is a wonderful platform for creation of unique blends. Today an Italian recipe can transform delectably with the ‘tadka’ of Indian spices. This free thoroughfare of ideas from the nooks and corners of the world has brought revolution on the plates of the foodies.

  • Chefs across the world can connect through social networking and imbibe from each other. There is no dearth of ideas, innovation and uniqueness in today’s virtual world.

  • Foods are manifestations of culture and this exchange of recipes is also a means of exchanging the uniqueness of heritage and lifestyle.

  • The revolution called social networking, has opened gates for travellers across the world. Today they know, what exactly they want to have and where. This saves time and money.

  • There was a time, when the word ‘celebrity’ was synonymous to movie actors. But today, with the help of this unique networking through the cloud, brands are created for singers, dancers, authors, painters and yes for chefs as well. Their culinary expertise has got the stature that is rightfully deserved. Different corporate houses associate with them, for mutual evolution and profits. Sites like twitter and Instagram, has made everyone accessible, assessable and also relatable.

Some of my favorite food experience in my recent travels outside India.

Top-French Fries, Chicken wings and onion rings in Guiness and more, Lucerne

Bottom Left- Pasta in White sauce in Al Raha Mall, Abu Dhabi

Bottom Right- Chicken Pizza in Washington Poste, Paris

Sweet delight in Taj Lands End, Bandra.

Thanks to social networking, I could review these eateries and am sure could help other travellers.

But this evident blessing has a flip side as well. Few disadvantages of social networking in the sumptuous world of food are discussed below.

  • There is a jam of information and overcrowd of entities trying to grab mass attention. Hence quality check is the major concern with social networking.And in this battle of attention seekers, many a times the best is overlooked and the world remains satiated with the suboptimal.

  • Food photography has increased tremendously with Instagram. And many a times impressive pictures divert the attention towards uninteresting and common stuff, leaving the uniqueness unnoticed.

  • Facebook and Twitter sees a host of food bloggers. But many of them are not well equipped to judge the endeavours of chefs, sweating it out in the kitchens of the restaurants. Hence, many times, a misleading judgement afflicts the reputation of eateries.

  • Even talented people at times find it difficult, keeping up with the increasing demand of social networking. Resulting in decreased output in the areas of their real interest.

And sometimes I get so busy clicking pictures, I miss out relishing my food :-(

Today’s world is centred around social networking. This uproar has a host of great offerings, in terms of exchange of ideas and attaining the well deserved fame, while quality check is the main point of concern. But as they say, there is no escape from changing time. So, it’s on us how constructively we use this powerful tool.

I wrote this post, inspired by the Week 3 prompt by renowned culinary expert Chef Vicky Ratnani. I thought the topics were absolutely relevant and inspiring.

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