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Being a part of the ruthless corporate world and fighting for my delectable space of art, I find it extremely important to strike a balance between my meandering mind and exhausted body. However neither am I a yoga expert nor is this narrative about the art of yoga. Yet this quote particularly intrigued me.

If you spare a glance at the quote again, you will realize that its expanse is beyond the obvious. If the word “yoga” is replaced by “exercise”, “positivity” or even “art” the beauty of the saying remains astoundingly unaltered. So in a nutshell, it means “how you desire to purify the accumulation of unwanted toxins in your body is your decision and endeavour, but the necessity to do so, remains unquestioned.”

This post is dedicated to that thin line of balance, which decides if we are embodiments of positivity or extensions of disturbance.

Before going further deep into the topic, I want to confess something.

“I always find it exceedingly challenging to keep myself motivated. Shuffling my priorities between a fully engaged job in chemical engineering and catering to my ardent attraction towards creativity, often takes a toll on my confidence. The excruciating endeavors taken to survive in a city like Mumbai, adds on to my woes. Especially why I was trying to get my first novel ‘INTROSPECTION’ published, mental misalignment was at its epitome. Self-doubt and excessive self-scrutiny reduced me to a shadow of myself, and revealing my demeanor out of that mist was undoubtedly a challenge.” Hence this post is for all of us, who are more than we know of, and less imperfect than we think of.

Recently I attended a session in office, they called it “Lifestyle Management”. The agenda of that class, conducted by certified psychiatrists and psychologists, was to help corporate people combat the stress level that they were regularly subjected to. Although the course was custom made for the corporate world, but its learnings are worth a read for people from all walks of life.

Right from naming the session to its execution, every aspect was aimed at fetching a bit of solace and knowledge of knowing one own self. And hence the name was changed from the more generic “Stress Management” to as mentioned.

Some interesting learnings:

A. Man has evolved from primitive to the modern human; every organ has undergone evolution to adapt to the changing vulnerabilities around. Except one, called the ‘Hypothalamus’. It is that part of the brain, which reacts to situations and emotions, and secretes hormones to combat stress. However this organ is tuned to react to physical strains, which was applicable to the ape man, while today the stress is primarily psychological. But dearest Hypothalamus remains unperturbed by reality.

It secretes adrenaline and corticosteroids. As stress level rises, the amount of corticosteroids increases and adrenaline decreases. Although none are required in our body, as our distress needn’t be combat by physical endeavours, yet the adverse effects of adrenaline is reversible while corticosteroids implant irreversible health issues like hypertension and coronary diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis etc.

B. Even an iota of negativity can result in secretion of these hormones, hence it is obvious that they cannot be eradicated. However efforts towards enforcing positivity, and surrounding ourselves with the right people can impact verily.

C. 40 minutes of regular physical exercise is a must for flushing out the toxins. However also remember few don’ts of exercising and there can be more.

  1. Don’t start exercising immediately after any meal, a two hour gap is necessary.

  2. Avoid exercising from 3:00 am to 6:00 am. During that time frame, we are most vulnerable to coronary failures, as less blood is pumped to heart. The blood flow is diverted for digestion and later assimilation.

D. ​Persuasion of hobbies/art is the best stress buster, indulge and rejuvenate. That’s what we are doing right? I believe, ‘Art’ is a therapy, just like yoga.

E. Smoking kills, it literally does, and no amount of arguments from a smoker can change this reality. However social drinking is fine as long as it not an addiction. Avoid drinking alone and never drink under stress, these lead to alcoholism. In fact Red Wine can give you good cholesterol. But don’t take advantage and become a drunkard…just kidding!

F. Stop over stretching, know our limits and also respect them. Remember you are not born to appease. Avoid multi-tasking as much as possible, both physically and mentally. It is stressful. This point is especially dedicated to Indian women.

G. Sleep quantity and quality both matters, hence don't neglect this aspect.

H. Remember ageing is inevitable, but don't age prematurely by stress. Age with grace, for its nothing more than a number.

I. Love yourself and respect your identity. Inculcate good habits and evolve. Change yourself, but remember, never try changing others. You can only motivate by being exemplary.

I want to end, reminding my readers that how unison of body and mind, can improve the quality of life. But of course it is rough sea to sail, overpowering the mavericks in the beginning will never be undemanding, but what lies beyond is calm waters. Remember all power, lies in the mind and then even impossible says “I m possible”.


Happy Blogging!!!

Help yourself to rejuvenate, choose your favorite and indulge

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