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You can touch the snow

And bask in the crimson

Or Enjoy the Silvery Sands

And the salty winds in Unison

The Kohl lined eyes

The red dot of vermilion

Did the maneuver of Garba

Engulf you in oblivion?

The rich aroma of kesar

Or the generous sprinkles of coconut oil

And did you indulge in the sweetness of Bengal?

Did Dal, Bati, Churma remind you of your soil?

Diversities in tastes

Diversitites in flair

India is that country

Which has a perpetual food fair

- by Aritra

India is a melting pot of diversities. Its cultural miscellany makes it one of the most colourful nations of the world. From the red cheeks of the mountain child, to the orange turban of the Rajasthani shepherd, there are hues of life everywhere, astounding and vivacious. Indians celebrate life, we sing, we dance, we smear colours of love and light lamps of happiness, it’s a country of festivals. And commemorations are never complete without food. Whether it’s the aroma of ‘Biriyani’ during Eid or the fragrance of ‘Gujiya’ during Holi, there is something for all.

We Indians love our food and are particularly proud of our kitchen creations. Like a true bong, my love for food finds its origin in Bengal. Bengali food, like all other state cuisines, has uniqueness in its flavour and texture. It’s much more than fish curry and rice. And if you are a foodie, open to experimenting with different delicacies and have a sweet tooth, Kolkata should be your next food destination. From food trucks to lavish banquets, there is something that suits each one’s pocket size. I jokingly remark at times “no one sleeps hungry in Kolkata.”

The city is unique, carrying with pride the reminiscence of the British capital of India and amicably sheltering the modern. It’s a place that invokes art and it’s also a city that induces hunger.

So, if you are planning to experience the sweetest part of India, do not forget to indulge in the following foodie delights. And what’s better than starting my list with sweets.

  1. Bengali Sweets

Although Bengal and Odisha are at daggers drawn over the origin of “Rosogolla”, nevertheless we get some exceedingly great quality of these round wonders in Kolkata. From sponge to firm, from normal to baked, the variants are astounding. But my personal favourite is “Nolen Gurer Rosogolla”, which is mostly available during winters. It has “Date palm Jaggery” or “Nolen Gur” for inducing that addictive, subtle sweetness, along with an indomitable distinct flavour.

Different types of Rosogolla

Besides Rosogolla, there are other sweets to drool over too. “Sandesh, Kancha Golla, Kheer Kadam and of course Misti Doi” are to name a few.

Sandesh and Misti Doi

Some Sweet Shops that you mustn’t miss: Nakur Nandy, K.C Das and Bheem Nag.

2. Kolkata Street food

Whether its street food or street shopping, my city of joy definitely rules. Kolkata serves some of the most interesting and illustrious food variants to indulge, if you are a street food lover.

Do not forget to try ‘Puchka’. Although you must have had enough of Pani Puri, this Kolkata variant has some hidden ingredient in those tiny water bombs.

Best Place to Indulge: Esplande

If you are keen in having Tibetan food, you must visit the extremely famous ‘Territi Bazar’. Interesting platters will tempt the food enthusiast in you, as soon as you inhale those compelling flavours.

Are you an early riser? Does the crimson beckon the health conscious in you? Then go for it, have a rejuvenating jog early morning, then indulge yourself in a plate of ‘Kochuri, Alur Dam and Jalebi’. This is a must have, if you want to imbibe the spirit of the city.

Puchka, Kochuri Platter and a glimpse of Territi Bazar

My personal favourites are ‘Rolls and Mughlai Paratha’. Rolls are comparable to wraps or Frankies, but the flavours used are divergent. And the deep fried parathas stuffed with egg and minced meat, are invariably to die for. These cuisines are available both on food trucks and restaurants.

Mughlai Paratha and Chicken Roll

Best Place to Indulge:Nizam and Bedouin Roll Centre for Rolls and Basanta Cabin for Mughlai Paratha.

3. Kolkata Biriyani

We all have heard of Hyderabadi, Awadhi or Lucknowi Biriyani, but if you are in Kolkata, never miss the Kolkata Biriyani. The Desi Ghee, spices, boiled egg, chicken/mutton along with that beloved piece of potato, there is an unmissed uniqueness about it.

Kolkata Biriyani, did you notice the potato?

Best Place to Indulge: Arsalan, Aminia or Royal

4. Kosha Mangsho

Even as I write, I dream of having it. If you are a meat lover, do not dare to miss this cuisine. Exquisitely prepared with love and exotic spices, this delicacy is a must have.

Kosha Mangsho, and there is a potato here too!

Best Place to Indulge: Golbari

5. Chicken, Mutton or Prawn Kabiraji

This is another type of unique snack that you cannot miss. Additionally, I would suggest you to experience it in the heritage eateries like Mitra Cafe or Coffee House.

Chicken Kobiraji

6. Fish Curry

You must be thinking, why a bong hasn’t talked about fish so far. Well, precious treasures are always unveiled at the climax. Experience the unique fish preparations of Bengal, if you are in Kolkata ever. The recipes are distinctly different from the rest of India, and varieties of fish are mostly the fresh water type. Do not miss ‘Shorshe Ilish’ and ‘Dab Chingri’.

Shorshe Ilish and Dab Chingri

Best Place to Indulge: Bhojohori Manna and Oh Calcutta.

Foods are more than just tastes. They speak of culture, heritage and uniqueness. Bengal like all other states of India has a distinct flavour which it preserves in its language, literature, culture and also cuisines.

At the end I would just say, the list is longer and I included just a meagre bit. In order to know more, you must have a food trip to Kolkata.

And complete your trip with a ‘Bharer Cha’, tea served in traditional clay cups. Do not have it for taste, but have it for imbibing in you, the never dying spirit of the ‘CITY OF JOY’.

The flavour of the city

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