A dream launch of my first novel "INTROSPECTION"

A candid moment during my book launch event

Dino Morea, Mahesh Bhatt and Malini Nair from Become Shakespeare


---Walt Disney

The quote I have started this narrative with, is an ideal way of executing life. Probably we all have dreams, dreams of living a vision which might be very different from our perceived personas. But it's only a handful who get the power and means to accomplish their inventiveness. In this mad race of living, where it's tough to make ends meet, it is even tougher to keep dreams alive.

So when three years back, I had embarked the journey of penning down my first novel, juggling with the commitments of a fully engaged engineering job, little did I know what lay ahead. My only intention was to emote and emote voraciously. I firmly believed in the predisposing power of fiction, and wanted to lend some messages to the society through my intimidating story line.

I completed "Introspection" in around 2 years, and then started the grueling attempts of getting it published. Trust me, it was more emotionally draining than conceiving the idea of creating a narrative. After getting "sorry" emails from almost all publishers known under the sky, I got a chance with WorditArt fund under Become Shakespeare banner , where they selected my manuscript out of 5000 odd entries. Yes! my dream, had started taking a decent shape, after a string of futile attempts.

On 11th October 2017, my book was made available on all e commerce websites (the links are added at the end of the narrative) and it started receiving great reviews from readers. Each time, a reader came expressing his/her thoughts on my work, my heart filled with hope, "yes, I want to tell many more stories and connect to million hearts."

Mr . Mahesh Bhatt addressing the media

Then finally it happened, on 11th December 2017, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary, my book had a dream launch. The entire media had graced the occasion of unveiling "Introspection", which was done by celebrated filmmaker, the most enlightened man of showbiz Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, heartthrob of millions Mr. Dino Morea and versatile actor Mr. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal. It was indeed a star studded occasion and my oblivious self unknowingly unified with the real me, as I lived those moments.

Sharing my thoughts with the world

Mr. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal at the event

Speaking to media, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, had made a statement which will probably stay with me forever, he said "A writes bleeds on the pages, to write a book". And how true, it reminds me of the agonies associated with emoting for others, the pain of living the lives of different characters yet keeping my integrity as a writer intact.

Dino Morea and Bikramjeet Kanwarpal also expressed their takes as readers and narrators. Their overwhelming encouragement, will remain with me forever. They appreciated the efforts that goes into writing a fully evolved novel, with entwining tales between different characters.

The launch was organised, in a book themed cafe called "Fable", in Juhu. Probably the most apt location for an occasion like this. This cafe stands out for its innovative decor, which is strongly influenced by the intriguing world of books. Be it the "fable wall" which resonates the artistry of 50 novels or the "Reading lamp" which stands out for being perched on a pile of books. Every corner, is a reader's paradise, because book lovers cherish the rustic feel of old books, and their battered beauty. This chic all day dining cafe also serves some exotic cuisines, which satiates the foodie in the book lover.

Addressing the media

This book launch was a dreamy affair, that I am yet to recover from. I have faith on the lucidity, relatable story line and subtly sent messages of my creation, and I am sure it will reach out to millions.

The path of art is never an easy one, it tears you apart and often leaves you with a bleeding heart. But again it makes you, your best version. So this is from a dreamer to all dreamers of the world, "never give up your passion, it will get you solace, today or tomorrow."

NO good work is possible without good team work

Thank You Adhijit, Ashyma, Debonita, Shibangee, Chirag, Malini, Sameer and of course my hubby Avishek

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