Smoke Shack -Park Plaza

Given a choice, any day, I would choose a lounge over a pub. I prefer places, where we can hear one another and enjoy each other's presence. Sky lounges are my favorite, after all it is always fun to be able to enjoy hospitality, good food, music while counting the stars and being caressed by the breeze. I feel, a touch of nature, in this mad race of life, helps me unwind. So diners to me, are not just food indulgences, they are experiences I cherish.

During my last visit to Kolkata, this October, our sister and brother-in-law, took us out for a jubilant dinner experience. The venue was Smoke Shack - Park Plaza, in Ballygunge.

Ever since I visited the place, I was trying to find an opportunity to jot down my feelings about its beauty.

Well! to say the least Smoke Shack, is for dreamers like me. It was a star studded night, and the remnants of the Diwali Fire crackers occasionally lit up the sky. Elaborately spread across the huge terrace, the lights, the ambiance was apt for a lazy evening, talking over delicious cuisines. We had ordered a good amount of food and loved the starters more than the main course.

Lounge ambiance

A big Thank You to Priyanka Di and Jiju, for that lovely evening, the serenity and panache of sky lounges appeal to me and I recommend Smoke Shack to all dreamers like me.

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