"Tumhari Sulu" - is all about Vidya Balan's compelling energy

It's been quite a while, that I wrote a movie review. But "Tumhari Sulu" compelled me to mold the multitude of my emanated emotions, in the form of this blog. To begin with, I must confess, that this movie is my type. I belong to that kind of audience, who will indulge into real emotions exuding from real characters, rather than going on an cryptic, yet visually treating voyage.

"Tumhari Sulu" is all about Vidya Balan and her stellar calibre to woo the audience by her lucidity, corporeal energy and immense power of portraying reality on screen, to an extent that the screen and actuality become largely inseparable.

Sulochana Dubey, affectionately referred to as "Sulu" is a housewife, based out of a typical suburban Mumbai household. She is buzzing with positive energy and undertaking the big and small challenges of life, saying "Main kar sakti hai". She is a person, who will make you forget the worries that bug, and compel you to see the brighter side. Deriving happiness in her imperfectly beautiful surroundings, she pats her back for being able to keep the lemon from falling, in a lemon and spoon race or for winning a pressure cooker in a radio contest.

Sulu's husband "Ashok", played by theater personality Manav Kaul, is a well sketched character and unreservedly compliments that of Sulu's. Manav Kaul, is a pro with his craft, and unabashedly makes his presence felt, without trying too hard. Ashok is a soft-spoken, caring husband, with the subtle presence of vulnerabilities and insecurities. The scenes between Sulu and Ashok, are enjoyable and relatable.

Sulu keeps herself entertained, listening to the radio or talking to the pigeon, she is radiating gaiety in every frame. A sea change in her life comes as she gets the job of a RJ, in a late night show, wherein deprived and devastated manhood, seeks solace in her explicitly sexy voice. Director Suresh Triveni makes sure, that the suggestive endeavors do not appear below the belt.

RJ Malishka, is seen in a cameo, without substantial screen presence, Vijay Maurya as the poetic rebel and the producer of the late night show brings comic relief but insignificantly and Neha Dhupia as Maria looks stunning in her chic attires and subtle make up, but does not contribute much to the story.

"Tumhari Sulu" is somewhat predictable in the second half, but that does not take away the charm. Wherein, Sulu goes through a plethora of challenges, ranging from her underestimating and dominating sisters forcing her to leave the job, to her son Pranav leaving the house on getting suspended from school.

The movie is etched with many messages, and it is on the audience to perceive or not. The finale of the movie, depicts Sulu victorious, and her infectious energy rekindling as Ashok comes back "to her side". "Tumhari Sulu" teaches the strength of a good relationship, it tells us the power of hand holding.

I congratulate everyone associated with the movie and thank them, for coming out with a tale, which is not "different" but difficult in its simplicity, and showcases some of the important aspects of the Indian society, without making the try look too obvious.

And at the end, Vidya Balan once again proves her flare as one of the best the country has seen.

"Tumhari Sulu" is a must watch!!


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