Sunny Side Up - Interlaken

There was beauty all around, sheen and seraphic

While the sun spread its golden hue, the sky was a blissful blue

As if the splendor of the empyrean had descended on earth

I just pleaded time, to be gradual, to be slow.

Greenery all around and intervening flower beds

Surrounded by the Alps and its beatific glory

And did you hear the church bell ring?

And did the horse drawn chariot, tell you it's story?

The majestic blues of the waters of the lakes

One side Brienz and the other is Thun

Makes you that embedded gem in the nature's crown

Or like the uninhibited fairy, who dances with the moon

By Aritra

Being one of the most talked about locations in Switzerland, we visited Interlaken with loads of expectations. But what met our eyes, wasn't what we surmised, it was beyond our reckoning. Luck favored us, and granted us a lavish treat of exuberant nature, where the greens, the blues and the looming grey basked in the compassionate sun, and evolved into a divine form.

Interlaken is quite a fairy land, with its stretches of green grass and flowerbeds, lined by the snow-capped Alps at a distance. It is best experienced in a sunny day, when nature unfolds it demeanor in full glory. There is a heavenly sheen all around and the emerald water of lake Brienz and lake Thun reflecting that shimmer.

Besides devouring the elaborate platter that nature offers, there are many activities in Interlaken which can keep you engaged. You can either have a Gandola ride to Gimmelwald, a little scenic village near Interlaken or enjoy a relaxing cruising experience on the lakes. Each activity is unique and has its set of experiences to commemorate throughout life.

View from Harder Kulm... However the activity that attracted us the most, was a trip to Harder Kulm. A train which almost travels vertically up and takes you to a spot, where from the entire town of Interlaken entwined between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun appear spectacular. The train tour is exciting, the view mesmerizing and the restaurant on top serves great food, what more do you want, to construct memorable moments?

Some important points on Interlaken: a. Its beautiful but expensive. b. Best explored on a sunny day. You can just rent a bike and go around exploring the place. c. Harder Kulm is highly recommended. d. You can very well spend a day or two, and explore the other possibilities and activities too.

Interlaken is that prized memory that I will always cherish with love. It is that experience which I hold above many others. This dream land should be a must in every traveler's wish list.

Happy traveling....


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