Washington Poste - A stylish pub with yummy servings

Journeys are not only about the celebrated tourist attractions and well known destinations. It is also about the little stories we pick up here and there. Some unique food item, or unconventional eatery, it can be anything between heaven and earth.

Few months back, when on a bright sunny day, I was walking hand in hand with my husband, on the streets of Paris, I collected few such, stories. Story of a handsome boy selling crepes by the side of the road or my rendezvous with a eatery which I simply adored, I have a lot to recollect.

"Washington Poste" situated in the posh location of Champ Elysees serves French, American and other European cuisines. It's geographic location makes it's lucrative to all those tired and hungry souls shopping in the area, which is one of the most exquisite shopping destinations of the globe. With the overwhelming brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes etc. bestowing their panache.

We chose the place, more because it was one of those few eateries, which had English menu card along with French, and also because the crew was very welcoming. This lovely bistro with its warm interiors, made the experience truly relaxing.

We ordered this amazing chicken pizza and glasses of red wine. Truly speaking it was the best pizza I had ever tasted. Yummy chicken dressing, mouth watering cheese topping and sprinkled herbs on top of thin pizza bread, it was quite a treat I must say. I also loved the wine, as it complimented the food very well. This restaurant is on the expensive side, yet I recommend it for food lovers.

The charming interiors, friendly staff and very tasty food made it one of the great food joints we explored in our Euro Trip.


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