Guinness and more, a restaurant review

The world is diverse and that's the beauty. There are multiple hues of life, flavors of living and rhythms of life. But all tunes do not resonate with our heartbeat, and only few reach our soul.

During our recent Europe trip we explored many eateries, serving different cuisines. But not all tastes remained with us and not all places struck a chord.

This post is about the small restro pub by Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland. Out of the many restaurants lined on the lakeside, we chose "Guinness and more" majorly due to its small, cozy interiors.

Lucerne was very cold when we reached the place. The chilly winds were making us shiver from the core. What we needed was a steaming cup of coffee or a jug of beer and some smoking munchies and hence after dumping our belongings in the hotel room, we started searching the neighborhood for a good place to eat. Needless to say the options were numerous and we were pretty confused. After a stroll across all available options we chose "Guinness and more", a restro pub by the lake. The interiors were cosy and warm. And it was evident that the place warmed up as the sun set each day.

I ordered coffee and my husband some beer, we also included french fries, chicken wings and onion rings in our order. The best part was, they fried and got the food smoking hot in front of our eyes. And man, it was so tasty that the taste has remained with me till date.

Glitz and show off attracts us, but sometimes happiness comes in simple packages and this experience was one such.


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