My City of dreams-Mumbai

As a kid I grew up amidst lush greenery

Shadowy meadows and thorny bushes of berry

Fast and furious city life was a menace to me

Nothing more repulsive, nothing more scary!

But time got me to face challenges new

The secured hamlet ceased to bestow its glorious hue

The scorching city sun glared at me

I missed the sylvette beauty and the drops of dew!

Tick, Tock, Tick time moved on

And against my awareness my thoughts evolved

I learnt to drink from the glass of fun

A craze for this madness eventually developed!

Though the first rendezvous was not long back

Yet the presence of this dreamy city has grown on me

From marine drive and the necklace of the queen

To colorful "chowpati" life by the Arabian Sea!

This city and its virtues are numerous and more

Be it the heavenly rains and the smell of roasted corn

Or the happening nightlife with glittery and gloss

It gives a life full of life, no spare to forlorn! A city that houses art and literature A city that evokes that craft A city that harness the dreamer in you And your hidden sensibilities updraft!

“Vada Pao”, “Pao Bhaji” or “cutting chai”

Or the illuminating festivities on “Ganesh Chathurthi”

This city and it’s numerous shades of life Leaves me awestruck, whatever the occasion be!

Mumbai teaches you to be a Marathon runner Ceaseless effort and countless hurdle And at the finishing line you stand successful Proud of your entity with eyes full of sparkle! But to me this city is my little apartment From my merry dark corner I watch the city-light I experience the cacophony of delectable life From the sky touching corner of my nest of love, in the darkness of the night!

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