Unreturned Love

How the candles burnt out I could never know,

How the roses perished I could never know,

I only could know when my heart craved for you,

And I could feel on my cheeks the holy drops flow!

I sat on the bench just behind yours,

But my freckled skin and spectacled eyes,

Never interested your fantasies to spare a glance,

My existence to you, could never suffice!

During lunch I invisibly sat somewhere near you,

You never knew,

You never cared,

I wasn’t a part of the brigade you belonged to!

I cried at night till my lungs gave away,

The pillow left wet and damp,

But sleep got me to you in my dreams,

Where your lady played the vamp!

But that spring was a different one,

The wicked truck hit your bike,

And you will never know, the blood that flows in you is mine,

Whether you like or do not like!

Your lady took a back seat,

Your friends looked away,

But how could I close my eyes to your despair,

I loved you to the core of my heart, whether you give me light or take it away!

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