The Million dollar crimson

Waves moved upto the shore

The water silvery

Boulders taking each blow with a smile

Cheers to their bravery

Birds were flying to their nests of love

The sky a regal crimson

Scattered clouds had a dash of colour

The mellowed sun, a dot of delectable vermilion

The breeze, suave and silky

Vanishing in my hair

And Air with the tangy taste of salt in it

Had about it, a royal flair

I sat by the Arabian Sea

Beholding nature's game of love

The queenly sun rays kissed the waves

Slyly the waters looked above

Tick Tick Tick the minutes passed

The sky like a Paula donna changed her gown

From hues of yellow, to crimson to red

It was then time, to put down the crown

And then at the countdown of ten to one

She had disappeared to the vast unknown

But with a promise of a bright tomorrow

With more of smiles and less of groans

Nature has endless hues to offer

But it is on us and our perception

Either catch gloom or shine in exuberance


My million dollar crimson

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