Did you ever listen to the rippling waters?

Did you hear their plea?

Did you fly with the migratory birds?

Did you swim in the sea?

Did you follow the springs to their destinations?

Did you kiss the dew?

Did you witness the rainbow form?

Did you ever sink to the deep blue?

These questions I ask to my deceased soul

Caught in the mist of dwindling life

When will the fetters loose

And will I fly to the land of blooming flowers?

The traveler, the dreamer, the narrator in me

Tries to seek escape

Escape to the world of nature's abundance

Only to be lost in life's baffling maze.

And then I realize you sleeping by my side

My dreams devoid you appear too far fetched

And I relish the fact

That I have strings attached.

Strings that complete my life and living

Strings that bind our souls

Strings that make me the woman I am

They describe my life's roles.

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