Quietude and Wengen


My fingers touched the rim of the coffee mug

I could feel the warmth and cherished

As steam escaped from the pool of caffeine

I gazed through the windows, my vocabulary had perished

Sun rays passed the glass and touched my amazed eyes

But my lids refused to curtain my vision

My eyes and me craved for a little more

My life suddenly had an enticing reason

I witnessed overwhelmed, the mighty Alps

Oaks, Maples and Pines embellished my sight

Little Heidi with freckled cheeks, angry, old grandpa

Came alive with a boom, tangible and bright

A beauty beyond words, a beauty too naive

Wengen is a tale of amorous congruence

Expression defy my orders, I am the dethroned queen

Shout out loud and clear, the song of its reverence

By Aritra

The Chalets, greens and the overlooking mountains (Wengen)

Whenever we talk of exotic landscapes and breathtaking views, the first name that comes to the mind is Switzerland. It is an over-discussed location, but believe me it is not over-hyped. It is not that I have seen too much of this world of diverse beauties, yet I strongly feel, that Switzerland is indeed one of the best that nature has to offer.

The Queen in her glory (Wengen)

It is like that Paula Donna with Alps for her hood and Pine lined lush greens for her robe. She is sublime, she is amorous, she is even erotic at times, but whatever be her mood, she never fails to overwhelm her onlookers.

Another hue of Wengen

In my recent visit to Switzerland, we went to many places and I will relive those experiences through my subsequent posts. But the days we spent in Wengen, are special and I dedicate my first narrative about our Swiss extravaganza, to its aura and grandeur.

The most beautiful Railway Station I have seen

Wengen is situated at the foothills of the Alps and easily accessible by train. It is a small village blessed with a magnum opus like natural beauty. The stretches of green, the mountains overlooking the never ending abysses, the stretches of valley, the typical chalets and the palpable blue sky, you cannot resist falling in love. It is like that fairy land we have heard stories about, where flowers grow on the bed of grass, and smoke escapes the chimney of wooden chalets, Wengen is a painter's paradise. And its a painting that the supreme has painted in mirth.

Heavenly Wengen

We had a taken a home-stay from Airbnb and the room was extremely cozy and comfortable. Though our host Chris wasn't there to be with us, he had taken care of all our needs and we were impressed by his systematic approach.

Cinematic view

Wengen is about flowerbeds and cinematic landscapes, its best explored on foot. We walked around for hours around the little village, clicking pictures of the panoramic view and devouring the endearing silence, interrupted by the occasional ringing of the chapel bell. We sat for hours on the benches overlooking the valley and enjoying the coldness in the air.

On our way to Jungfrau

It is also the best place to plan your trip to the top of Europe "Jungfrau". Its a journey for about an hour or a little more by train. You can buy tickets from Wengen Station and plunge into exploring the snow-clad glacier region of Jungfrau.

The train on its way to Jungrau

The journey is indeed unforgettable as the train traverse the vast white cloak of snow, rising higher and higher in altitude.

The intimidating snow cloak

We were fortunate enough to get good weather and witness the vast glaciers basking in the summer sun. And on our way back we enjoyed the unexpected and indulgent snowfall. Nature unfolded its enigma is full blossom and we had no choice but to admire her majestic aura.

The Glacier basking in the summer sun

Some points for travelers to know:

1. Wengen is easily accessible by trains and is little farther up towards the Alps from the more known station Lauterbrunnen. We traveled to Wengen from Luzern, and had to change train at Interlaken. Tickets are readily available online or even on the spot in the station ticket counters. We had booked online, and if you too do so, keep your passport handy to show to the ticket checker.

2. You can select a homestay, there is a wide range of apartments to be offered. Airbnb is safe. Our host Chris was a meticulous planner, he had made everything so easy. From directions, to the door code, to valuable informations and instructions to avoid confusion, he had planned all.

3. You can plan your trip to Jungrau from Wengen. Don't buy tickets beforehand, its much cheaper if you buy from the station. Buy tickets only after ascertaining the weather, which is pretty unpredictable in the Jungrau region.

4. This place is famous for winter sports, so if you are a lover of skiing etc. head to Wengen during the chilling months.

​5. It is worthy to spend a night or two in this heavenly hamlet. Besides the jaw dropping view its offers, it also bestows serenity which is a luxury in our lives these days. It gives that relaxation, which you might be trying to achieve since long.

My most favourite spot in Wengen

My Swiss trip would have been incomplete without the rendezvous with this beautiful little village. I still remember the evening, when me and Avishek, my hubby, sat hand in hand on the bench, by the little chapel. It was approaching darkness and fog was engulfing the sunshine, it was chilling, it was divine. I could not have felt better. I cannot thank Avishek enough for choosing Wengen, no doubt you know me too well.

I end my tale of serenity by thanking Wengen, for giving me back a piece of my childhood.

Its never a good bye...its always good memoirs


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