Marriott Marquis Houston- luxurious dwelling

Last month I had almost a week long stay in Marriott Maquis Hotel, in Houston. This starred hotel in Houston downtown is no doubt a luxurious abode, with all world class facilities. The location is great, with many restaurants, offices, shopping centres in walkable distance. Its distance from George Bush International airport is around 19 miles.

The hotel is chicly furnished and is extensively maintained. Well! With the kind of money they charge, there is practically no room for bad execution, anyways. Initially we did face some internet issue (for info: wifi is chargeable), but thankfully it was well addressed.

Poolside as seen from my room

Poolside as seen from my room

But the hotel is special for me, and the reason is the grandiloquent view my room had to offer. For the few, who might be following my narratives, already know my fascination towards sky scrapers and the illuminated night view they offer to their dwellers. I truly feel at the top of the world, when I sit in the silent darkness of my rising abode and witness the lights moving around or mesmerising in their stagnancy. To add to the beauty of the elaborate city, my room had a pool side view. In totality what met my eyes, when I pulled aside the curtains, after returning from the seminar each day, was a high-flown city and its aureate lights, together with the turquoise fluorescence of the pools.

When you are in the pool or sitting unaware in the beautiful poolside, this is what you witness

The Hotel's sixth floor terrace poolside is a sight to behold, numerous pools, lazy river, jacuzzi and a bar by its side. If you are travelling with friends, definitely you can a have a gala time.

My room

The rooms are comfortable and well equipped. But the frequency of replenishing the toiletries was at times inadequate.There are many restaurants, sports bar etc and the lobby is luxurious, like all five-star properties.

Overall Marriott Maquis is a great hotel to be, the staff is warm and helpful. It is expensive and but we all know that luxury comes with a price.


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