Xochi - More than just a restaurant review

The entrance

When I visited this place in Houston, honestly I had no idea of its uniqueness. But after returning to India, when I read about Xochi, I appreciated its fame.

"Xochi (so-chee), from Xochitl, Goddess of the Flowers, meaning to bloom or catch fire, is the newest creative endeavor of award-winning Chef Hugo Ortega. Xochi celebrates the culinary and indigenous richness of Oaxaca, Mexico and its varied geographic regions and preservation of primitive customs with an unrivaled menu of Oaxaca-inspired food and drink" - this excerpt has been taken from www.xochihouston.com.

To be frank, the cuisines mentioned in the menu card were gibberish to us. We read the description to acquire some insight on what the dishes might be. Needless to say it was a tough time to narrow down, to what we could eat. We were meticulously searching for familiar ingredients and ultimately got some. Most of us ordered from the "Plato Fuertes" category, and I specifically wanted to have "Ensalada de Betabel con Pollo". This dish comprised of roasted chicken, some rice portion, and vegetables with dressings, pretty much unknown to me. However, the good news is, it tasted great. They even customized the dish with fish for us. Unfortunately I don't remember the variety, but the twist made it more sumptuous for sure.

I would specially mention the guy who served us. In spite of the quantum of communication gap, he really took care. In all my ignorance, I even savored a dish called “Tlayuda” which Chef Hugo specially complimented us with, without actually having a word of appreciation with him. Now for those who might be interested to know, Tlayuda is an iconic street food dish of Oaxaca, very large, thin Oaxacan tortillas with various toppings cooked over wood. (Info source: www.xochihouston.com)

The interiors

Although I missed the opportunity to meet a celebrated culinary expect and have a word or two with him, my narrative is a token of appreciation for sure.

We had entered Xochi with inhibitions; a little unsure of the tastes they serve. But they surprised us with their unique ability of blending the needs of every customer with the authenticity of Oaxacan food. The food was warm and so was their gesture.

I recommend Xochi to food lovers and enthusiasts, who believe in experiencing and experimenting with the different flavors that life has to offer.


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