Pappasito' s - A restaurant review

Travel is an experience and I believe in making the most out of it. Every travel diary is like a painting, where nature meets human emotions. A place, is not only mountains, sea or sky scrapers, the people, their culture, their living habits and their existences infuses that uniqueness, which travelers tend to explore and extract. I also believe that food is an important criterion or means to plunge into the vulnerabilities of a race or kind or type of people. Hence whenever I travel to an unknown destination, I love to experience their eating habits, as much as my limitations as a consumer allows me.

In my recent visit to Houston, unfortunately I didn't get the chance to experience much of their culture or food. However one of the few eateries I visited interested me enough to write a review about it.

Pappasito's Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Hotel Hilton in Houston Downtown, is strategically located to attract the attention of the passerby crowd. And also since its open for longer hours compared to other eateries nearby, it saved the starvation of late eating people like us.

The crew was amazing and very welcoming, there was an uninhibitedness about the place. The decor was interesting and was dominated by the red colour. It was great to see people come to celebrate their weekend drowned in euphoria. We had ordered shrimp and chicken Fajita, it was more than enough for two people. The preparation was delicious, rise portion, tossed veggies and tacos tasted great. But the grilled shrimp was remember-worthy, I generally don't consume too much shrimp in restaurants, but that night was an exception.

Overall Pappasito was a wholesome experience and a good place to visit.


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