Mia Cucina - A restaurant review

Mumbai is a city for sheer indulgence. No matter how much it wears and tears you apart, yet it sets up every opportunity to mend those wounds. So when the week long toil is about to break you apart, weekend dawns with the hope of rejuvenation. As the day shifts from Monday, to Tuesday, to Wednesday and so on, planning and formulating the upcoming weekend activities gradually build around us.

Few weekends back the scene was no different and as per our plans, I and two of my friends went to Mia Cucina, Hiranandani Gardens Powai.

I loved the concept of that entire lane lined with restaurants with open sitting arrangements, somewhat resonating the European culture. We chose Mia Cucina, because it was relatively less crowded than the rest. However, that does not essentially mean that it is less popular. Basically, the other ones are relatively new, making them more attractive to the prospective visitors.

We ordered Bruschetta polio con olivata, Spaghetti with chicken & white sauce and another Fish dish,and it is worth mentioning that the food was good.

In totality, Mia Cucina is a good visit, if you want nice food, open air ambiance and relatively less crowd compared to the other revered eateries in the vicinity, do visit Mia Cucina.


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