Hello Houston !!

My first visit to the United States of America was purely official, I visited Houston for attending and presenting in a seminar conducted by Aspen Tech Inc. It was held in the Marriott Maquis Hotel, in Houston downtown.

Houston, is the most populous city of the State of Texas and the fourth most populous city of the United States. It is hub of different industries and job opportunities. The skyline of the city is expectantly lined with enormous sky scrappers and a lot is being built. In fact the city is anticipated to rise up in the radar of big cities of the US.


But my heart was not particularly concerned with the high-risers and hustle-bustle of the glittering city life. I wanted rendezvous with the soul of the city, but time was limited. The days kept me busy with the conference, anxiety of presenting and much more.

It was fun presenting, interacting n more...

But the evenings were relaxed, and that was the time I tried to know Houston.

Coming from a developing country to one of the most developed countries of the world, definitely gives the opportunity to admire the perfectness of the manmade wonder cities. The cleanliness of the streets, the traffic control, noise control and intervening relaxation provided by the greens, water bodies, gives that feel good factor.

The first admire-worthy aspect was the view from my hotel room. The magnificent poolside and the beautiful city, I knew I would love my stay.

The magnificent view from my room...

Anyways overcoming the jet-lag was a task, but as soon as I did that, I stepped out of the hotel, to sneak around. Contrary to India, most of the eateries close by 9 or 9:30 in the night. So locating a good place for dinner was the first challenge. We narrowed down to Pappasito's Cantina, a Mexican Restaurant in Hotel Hilton, with an impressive interior, dominated by the colour 'red'. We ordered shrimp and chicken fajita, and it was mouth smacking.


The next evening we went to the famous Galleria Mall of Houston. It was enormous, but commonality of all malls, strikingly disappoints you, whatever may be the size. This one however, is more known for the high end brands. Louis Vuitton, to Prada, to Burberry and many more, it was a melting pot, of high street fashion like Zara, Forever 21 and the ballroom class. However, as most of these names are available in India, I didn't buy much.

Third evening was the most beautiful one. Aspen Tech had arranged a party for all its customers, and the best part was, it was a rooftop party was Texas special country music. The poet and writer in me, always commemorates uniqueness. Be it a simple old eatery, or a gigantic city, I never tend to miss the little feeling that everything inanimate bears within itself. I loved the easy breezy looking, bearded musicians, who made the atmospheric tangibly amorous that night.

The roof top party venue n some music...

I believe that it not possible to explore everything, it is important to be at peace with the moment and relish its existence. And hence the last evening, I spent mostly with myself by the pool. I love swimming, but the temperature was low for a tropical girl like me. The sunset was endearing, I loved the breeze and the gradual lighting up of the enormous city. I could spent hours with myself and let the air play with my long black traces, but again time was limited. Nobody would know, my humming of my loved tunes.

The gradual encroachment of darkness...

I didn't get much time to interact with people of the city, but my sparse interaction left warm memories in my heart. Aspen Tech gave us a very warm welcome and to the dreamer, writer me, some frames I could cherish.

No travel, is long or short.

No travel is irrelevant.

No travel is unworthy of a painting in the mind.

No travel is insignificant to me......

A little warning for the people who travel to the city. If you are a foreigner completely unaware of the surroundings, avoid going out alone too far. We experienced people who asked for money, and at times when denied they shadowed for sometime. I have no idea what their intention was, but whatever it was, it wasn't too noble.


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