Corniche - An evening by the bay

Life is stressful, meeting deadlines, commuting in traffic laden streets, the scorching heat and more. In this maddening race we all need respite. Moments of ease and thoughtlessness, moments of just nothingness. And it’s extremely scientific that we all have weekend leaves, because human batteries need recharge too. Therefore it’s important to make the best of your weekend, it should be a balance between over laze and over activity, because both are detrimental to our effectiveness.

My idea of a good weekend is pretty simple, a wonderful Saturday and a lazed out Sunday. So last Saturday, also because my husband was leaving for Amsterdam the next night, we decided to have a lovely dinner by the bay. In fact restaurants by the sea, are my favorite hangout spots in Mumbai, given to my love for the alluring sea breeze. So we chose Corniche-At the Waterfront, an open air restaurant in Bandra West, which has the luxury of enjoying the sea breeze soothing its visitors.

As expected the crowd was colorful and vivacious, given to the location. Though I did not like the furniture, with respect to comfort and ergonomics. I felt, when visitors come to have a drink or two or enjoy their favorite cuisines, in the generous abode of the sea breeze, they should be given comfortable chairs to spread their laziness on.

However, besides the ambiance and the vibrancy around, the place serves good food. I loved the pepper garlic prawns. The idea of adding a potato wedge with each prawn, was interesting and delicious. The grilled chicken platter with its variety of bread choices, was fine too. I loved my fruity indulgence and savored the last drop.

Overall Corniche is a great place, if you want to detox and have a moment with the sea and your near and dear ones. It’s not too loud and not too silent, hence my type of enjoyment.


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