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Mumbai has many names, some call it “Maya Nagari” or the city of dreams; some call it the city of lights. Some say that it is the city that never sleeps. And in reality the city does justice to all the names offered. It is hard hitting as you land here, but gradually grows on you and converts your hatred for it to love. It's unequivocal aura casts a spell unknowingly and stealthily. This aura resides in the crowded streets, clamorous waves or the Parsi exists in the millionaire homes of South Mumbai or the clustered chawls and slums of Dharavi. The beating of drums during Ganapati or the aroma of biriyani in Mohd. Ali Road during Eid, there is just something about it.

I am by nature a peace-loving person, my only aim in life is to be happy. Which is quite a difficult aim you might appreciate. And few things that make me so, are lights (read my post:My Radiance Obsession) and exploration. So some time back, on a lazy Saturday evening, me, my hubby and my friends Nilesh and Shalaka headed on a expedition, which fitted my second mentioned modus operandi to seek happiness. We explored South Mumbai during hours when most other cities would have gone to sleep.

Sharing with you my moments with the city...

a. Bandra Reclamation: We drove to this amazing spot and for the first time stopped the car to take a look at the glorious view of Mumbai this spot offers. The lighted sky-scrappers across the sea and the black looming night sky, a treat to eyes as the sea breeze leave you feeling revolutionary.

As I was not equipped enough to capture the view with justice,

I spotted one from Google images


b. Marine Drive: Then we drove off to Marine Drive, which is an area of our frequent visit. But this Saturday was different, a kick-start to the long Independence Day Weekend, and hence the streets were more colorful than ever. The horse carriages decorated in plentiful and playful leds, Coffeewalas and Champiwalas more busy than usual. It was a cacophony representing life. We had our time gazing at the bay and the incessantly banging waves. A delectable dough of darkness, lights and effervescence.

c. Bade Miya: For every person who wants to take a dig on super yummy non veg stuff and is OK with street foods, Bade Miya in Colaba is a must destination. Though it has fine diner outlets in two other locations in Mumbai, this one is undoubtedly the best. Its mind boggling to see the number of cars that convene to that street near Gate way even at hours as late as two in the night to indulge. With salute worthy swiftness and efficiency, they serve no less than mouth smacking stuff. We narrowed down to "Bhuna Chicken" and "Rumali Roti" and loved every bit of the taste, the ambience and the added pinch of ecstasy.

Bade Miya

At Bade Miya

At Bade Miya

Overall I admit, that the more I have tried to hate the city and curse the jammed roads, the more I have fallen for it's unsung glory.

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