Vista-Taj lands End

People will stare. Make it worth their while

by Harry Winston

When it comes to being, living or dreaming big, the above quote is one of my favourites. And whenever we are talking of lavish living, five star properties always form a part of that deliberation. I too have visited many, some for professional get-togethers and some for personal eating out sessions. My last rendezvous was with 'Vista', a restaurant in Taj Lands End in Bandstand.

The Lobby

The word Vista means panorama, however since we went there at night for an official dinner, we couldn't get the view, which I have heard is great. The interior of the restaurant was chic, but looked a little old and subtly unkempt. Well! I couldn't make out whether that was deliberate or otherwise.

The group

We had chosen the buffet and options were many, from Indian Biriyani to Japanese Sushi, from varieties of cheese to custom made pizza, they really had a good range of cuisines to offer. I personally liked the grilled fish, clubbed it with assorted vegetables and baked whole potatoes. As I topped my plate, with a touch of cheese, I could feel my guilt consciousness popping its head, in my path of indulgence.

The desert section

The desert section

The desert section

Anyways, what I liked more is the desert section. The presentation was very intriguing indeed. Being an ardent lover of Indian sweets over cakes, croissants etc, I loved the mouth-watering 'milk cake' portion. Though the 'caramel custard', another of my favourites, was disappointing. The Chef, couldn't eradicate the raw egg smell, which degraded the taste appreciably.

The lights and flowers made an interesting combo

Overall, Vista was a good experience. If the decor isn't mundane by choice, a slight spark could lighten up the space considerably. Otherwise, it was a great night.


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