Leopold Cafe

Holding loads of memories, some great, some bloodstained, Leopold Cafe, stands strong clinging to its image of classic Mumbai. And since the time I have come to this city, I wanted to visit this cafe. Unbelievably it took me more than four years. However, its better late than never.

For people who do not know, Leopold Cafe was started in 1871 by Iranis. It was and still continues to be a popular hang out destination for Indians and foreigners alike. But it has more to its history. 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks, have left some formidable scars and bloodstains on it. (info source: wiki)

However, the daunting memories, haven't scarred its reputation as an eatery, and even today, you have to patiently wait in queues, to get into it.

As we wait to get in...

Well! To me an eatery is much more than just food, and this very thought might be completely unrelatable to many. For me, eating out is a wholesome experience. Though food tops the chart of prerequisites, but there also has to be a share of good ambience, preferably a mouthful of music, scoops of delicious deliberations and portions of sublime gaiety. And if the bonne bouche is 'history', what more do I want!

Seated Inside...

Coming to Leopold, I can't say it serves the best food, but at the same time, the food was good. There is an uninhibitedness about the place. It is crowded, over crowded rather, noisy and very 'Mumbai'. I loved the decor, the old hollywood movie posters, Marilyn Monroe's intimidating red lip colour and the Harley Davidsons.

We ordered Mumbai Special 'Keema Pav', and it was delicious. While others opted for their choice of poisons, I enjoyed my fruity indulgence.

My experience with Leopold cafe was great, with great friends, full moon night and some scoops of history, my night was made.


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