I woke up to see a dream. I had been sleeping like a queen, on a round bed with flowing white, satin bed sheet. I believe I would have slept till eternity, given to the luxury my body was subject to, if the naughty breeze had not tickled my ears and hid in my Rapunzel like long, black traces. I woke up to play early morning hide & seek with the sea wind that whirled through the room, making the pink, satin curtains go haywire. I could see the glowing emerald through open windows. The sparkling white sand led gradually, smoothly and deliciously to the bluish green waters. A strangely, dreamy and vulnerable aroma filled the room. I guess tropical flowers contributed to that.

When my sleepy eyes had completed scanning the magnificence of the surroundings, they fell on my hubby sleeping peacefully, looking remarkably unguarded. I smiled at the naughty thoughts that peeped through my mind. I placed a loving peck on his forehead and jumped off the bed. On my lemon yellow gown, the crimson rays landed gracefully making it blush to a delectable orange. I walked towards the open window, which welcomed me with a rush of flavorous yet fiendish air. My hair gave away and flew to cover my eyes. And when I removed it, I could feel the smile, which my hubby claims to be arresting, enlightening my breeze-kissed face.

If someone could decipher the impetus behind that pre-eminent grin, she/he would know that it was the magnum opus that lay in front of my city-sick eyes. The sun had just relieved itself from the mighty grip of the unknown dark shadows and appeared in a sedate glory. A glory that has glorified the ocean and revealed it's opulent beauty from behind the curtains of the dark night. There was an unsung festivity around and I couldn't stop my feet from walking out of that cottage. When I stepped out, the breeze struck more voraciously. I was gay to see no iota of human life or sensibilities around. After ages, I felt like myself again.

I walked on the soft, silvery sand that caressed my feet. Some bushes were ablaze with unknown flowers and a riot of colors. The tropical essence infused life in me. I was walking and walking, until the sand felt wet. The ocean must have kissed this part secretly in the magical darkness of the moonlit night, before receding back to the lines of decency. My mind was weaving a "tale of love" between the depths of the mighty ocean and gritty/greedy silvery delight. In no time, my feet touched my "majestic blues". I sat down to feel it from nummy closeness. As if I wished it's unison with my existence, unison of nature with my soul.

"As I behold the dancing waves

As I behold them come

I drench myself in divine sedate

I drench myself in love

The breezy day breathes life in me

While I lovingly gather strength to survive"

By Aritra

I sat on the sand and let the water wet me. Then I closed my eyes and started humming one of my favorite creations of Tagore "Khela Ghar Bhandte legechi, amar moner bhitore...." (means: I have started fabricating my dream abode in my heart). Oblivion engulfed in no time, I could hear the song being carried to my ears by the salty sea breeze. I loved my life...I..I "Aritra, Aritra get up's are sleeping too late....". It was Avishek my husband's voice. I woke up to see the reality.....

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