Anniversary Special

As the clock ticked its way to 12 in the night

We knew it was time to start celebrations upright

Spending six years in the wedding lock

Oops! we did it, together we rock.

The cake appeared nutty and chocolaty

Bit like our equation, sometimes cool sometimes catty

Mid night celebrations were joyous so

I am your lady and you are my beau.

The morning next, office awaited

Unwilling I had to work on a day that is to be celebrated

But every dark cloud has a silver lining

The evening dawned with promise unfolding.

Book, greeting cards and goodies I love

Awaited my return impatiently kind of

The starry Friday night had a romantic tale to tell

A story of what we for each other felt.

They say some love stories are never to end

The goods and bads of life cannot make it bend I hope our equation stays as strong As the essence of living is felt life long!!!

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