An Ode to Love

When I drown amidst the ocean of nothingness

An impermeable mist envelops my course of life My head reels and pulse races To strike a delicious balance, my heart does strive. The clouds lie low and waves are fiendish The heaviness of the heart is beyond exegesis I look around for a ray of hope And the hope is you, my only bliss! Some say I am over emotional Some say I lack the same The only heart who does not mean to judge Its yours my love, you can my emotions tame. When I lack a direction, when I lack oxygen A hand appears to hold my frail When I look around with my eyes overflowing with gratitude Its you again, you reached me though I had left no trail! I sit by the lake and watch the flamingos around The setting sun and crimson rays That I crave to return to my nest of love It is purely for you, my heart there stays. Love is an expression There is no right and no wrong To me you define Love The one that I want to sing, you are that song

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