My Date with Nature

The golden sand reflected its glory on to my eyes

The wind was wild and fiendish

Waters swelled in anguish pure

No one knew how to squish.

I walked in awe and amazement pure

Nature knows every means to allure

A beauty so untold and unheard of

Convincing each soul to demure.

The softness of the sand nuzzled my feet

The wind hid in my hair

Waves lovingly came up to me

There was a strange gaiety in the air.

I walked unknown to the surroundings so

My gaze fixed to the horizon unsure

Forgetful of all the pains

Tranquility for me is the best cure.

Happiness is cuddling greenery and smelling flowers

Happiness to me is watching the birds fly

The worthiest gift I can ever get

I loosing myself to nature's far cry.

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