“Teak, Cedar and Fir waved their pretty heads,

The resultant cacophony was delicious.

I rose to this beautiful land of snow

It is was nothing less than living a dream”

In a Bengali Movie, called “Uro Chithi” there is a dialogue that has remained with me through time. The Dialogue is as follows “What is the difference between a tourist and a traveler” asked the girl, “What?” the man asked in astonishment…. “A tourist goes to a destination only to return back home, but a traveler makes the destination his home” replied the girl.

If you think deeply there is bigger implication to this statement. But before going to explore those realms, I want to ask you a question “Are you a tourist or a traveler?” Think before you answer. If you ask me the same, I would say, I have always considered myself an aspiring traveler, as I have traveled very less and desire to travel more and more and till oblivion. Sorry, I have no idea why the idea of travelling evokes that dormant poet in me…..please bear with me…

On a different note, our home is the most cherished corner in the world to us. We preserve it with utmost care and love. It is that corner that sees us the way we are, without and iota of pretentiousness. Our thoughts, beliefs and beings make our homes the way they are. Homes are reflections of our tastes and arts. Hence, we can conclude that if a tourist acquire a traveler heart, he will preserve the destinations he visits just like his home in the core of his heart and also be responsible towards them in every way.

To me travelling is like living life. I love to feel the lands I visit and be a part of its existence and culture. Hence there is a sense of belonging and ownership delectably mixed inside me. And it is from that sense that I have made the following list of actions for RESPONSIBLE TOURISTING.

1. Before you select a vehicle, which is going to be the partner for your trip, examine its condition. Never compromise with a dilapidated and ill-maintained one for money. Otherwise you will end up tainting your lungs and tiring your ears, along with blemishing the touched lands of nature. BE RESPONSIBLE TO YOURSELF AND TO MOTHER NATURE.

2. I know, when we are on vacations, we give a damn for dieting. But please remember our empty chips and biscuit packets are not allowed to flaw the fir lined stretches and never-ending sands. DO NOT LITTER, DO NOT LET LITTER.

3. Laziness is not a good partner to enjoy vacation with. So shed the inhibited self of yours and live boundless. Prefer walking on green grass and catching butterflies by the stream. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THOSE VIRGIN LOCATIONS, WHERE LIFE IS AS PURE AS DEW DROP. Get as close as possible, then walk stealthily without disturbing the chirping birds or blooming flowers

4. Have you heard of the saying "PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD?" I am sure you have. Live the saying by spreading words about those beautiful locales and get responsible tourism to them. Let the light of education, good sanitation facility and livable life be affordable to them too.

5. Car pooling is a part of city life. Don't forget about it while on a vacation. Always try to move about in groups, and REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Responsibility comes from the feeling of ownership. Own your vacation and win attractive moments to cherish. Don't be a tourist be a TRAVELER and make the destination your home.

“ Where dainty fairies fly with their wings wide open,

Where lush greenery has no end, where all rules are broken!

Where cows loiter around, with bells around their neck,

Where phoenix of imagination, rises from a wreck!

That’s the land, where my story belong,

Where the essence of living is felt lifelong”


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