Rang de tu mohe Gerua....

Like today's modern audience I too like to see real life converted to believable stories on the celluloid. But deep within me, there is a girl who still fantasises to live romance like a dream. Romancing the loved one in virgin locations, witnessing the sun hide behind the dark cloak of unknownness, seeing it rise above the horizon spreading its crimson rays around..hand in hand with him, watching the firs dance to the chilled breeze or sinking in majestic blues of waterbodies. "Gerua" is a visual treat and honey on ears....sometimes being realistic is too boring....let your fantasies run crazy, unreasonable and dreamy with this song...

I fell in love yet again...the poet in me popped its head up and urged me to pen down something...

So this one, is for my hubby Avishek and because of "Gerua"...

I opened my eyes to see a dream,

A dream so dearly mine,

The sky was a delectable blue,

Gracefully danced the pine.

The placid waters were deep blue,

The woods a darling green,

Two love birds sang in a distant meadow,

It was an aura with a glorious sheen.

I opened my eyes to see a dream,

My hand tucked in yours,

You were sleeping looking vulnerably in peace,

Without an iota of abhors.

The crimson rays touched us warm,

The world was suddenly devoid of harm,

The sweetness of the breeze evoked love,

Nature evolved in its delicious charm.

I opened my eyes to see a dream,

I was lying on the greens,

My head rested on your caring lap,

To me and you,this is what life means.

A butterfly fluttered around,

Winsomely coloured in aqua,

While the colour of love touched our souls,

"Rang de tu mohe Gerua"

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