Essence of festivity

As I open my eyes to a morning of festivity

As I open my eyes to joy and gaiety.

Corporeal free-spiritedness touch my inside

To face rough life, I feel I am ready.

As autumn strikes my land of colors

As autumn spreads its hue.

The sky turns an intimate blue

How jollity strikes my life of race, I certainly have no clue.

My ear imagines the rhythm of “Dhak”

As my nose smells divine smoke.

My triple eyed Mother is soon to reach me

As my being will in celebrations soak.

With the smell of new clothes filling all homes

Impulsive shoppers running around.

The crowd, the make-up and unsaid love-stories

Each year 'Sharodutsab' leaves me astound.

Festivals are colorful bits of life

Festivals are phases of cheer.

Breathing fresh life into saddened hearts

Bonding the near and dear.

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