Enchanting Summon

Given the wings I would have flew

Spreading my wings to horizons new

As the waves incessantly bang on the shore

Or the rising sun caress my core!!

Magnificent nature has numerous hues

Greens of the Alps or depth of the blues

I would have flown all across them

From youthful smiles to wrinkles of a dame!!

I would lay myself on the grass as soft

And let the breeze fly me aloft

And watch the peacocks dance to a darkening sky

Let the bounteous nature give me a high!!

As the solitary reaper hum a magical tune

I will be somewhere perched on an unknown sand dune

As aurora borealis enlighten the poles

I will be with snow bears and their endangered souls!!

As the Alps start their fiendish dance

I will be flowing with Niagara given a chance

As the fishermen fight the mavericks brave

The fragrance of wet soil will evoke my crave!!

How much do I write about you nature

Describing you is beyond my stature

But you beckon me with a force unknown

Given a chance I would have flown!!

pic courtesy : Avishek Sengupta

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