Vacay at Lavasa

All work and no play makes me dull, absolutely dull. So I wanted to have a weekend of all play and no work. And if you want to have something this awesome, during the monsoons in Mumbai, what else will you indulge in besides a weekend getaway to some nearby western ghat extravagance. We all know of Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar etc. but not everyone knows of Lavasa. At least I did not know of it before coming to Mumbai. So our getaway was to this semi famous place, Lavasa. And as I always mention, one important ingredient of the recipe of great vacations is good company and that we had. My husband Avishek and I were accompanied by our besties Nilesh and Shalaka and off course their awesome camera, which contributed to embellishing this narrative.

Journey Begins

We started early last Saturday in their car. As Mumbai is seeing a dearth of adequate rains this year, we dreaded the unwanted warmth and humidity in atmosphere. However the day was pleasant with drizzles to occasional downpours from time to time. The sun was playing hide and seek, but was quite mellowed down and sober to our respite. The journey on the expressway is always the best part, giving you chances for a click or two from time to time. The car drove past lush greenery and mountains, making its way through the huge number of its species, all taking the occupants to hiatus. The person at the steering changed from time to time, and we kept moving ahead to our destination. A small break for breakfast and then another one amidst the green carpet for tea.

The four of us

The breeze flowed past setting us free from the fetters of stress, norms and regulations. We were breathing and truly so. Steaming tea, chat and hair playing on my face, I loved the euphoria. I was so me at that moment.

Then before our destination was reached, we also stopped near a small waterfall. Monsoon beautifies this region immensely to the traveller's delight, we enjoyed these little gifts of nature.

Just before lunch we reached "Waterfront Shaw", the resort which awaited our nearing steps. We all are really thankful to Nilesh for the awesome choice. He had booked a suite for the four of us. Two bedrooms and a drawing room with kitchen, and the best part was the terrace with the dining table. The apartment had the jaw dropping view of green mountains with looming clouds and the tranquility of a water body at the feet. Oh what a view! An awe and poetry inspiring view I would say!

The view

"As I stare at the sparkling waters,

Incessantly time moves on unaware.

I look at the rains and grey clouds,

If only I had more than a life to spare.

The colourful umbrellas and the happy faces,

Roaming around with smiles as broad.

I examine them with my dreamy eyes,

And admire the luxury of respite that I have got."

We had lunch, real hungry souls we savoured greedily every iota of food we had ordered.Then we savoured the beauty of the day transform, the lights went from dim to dimmer. Each phase majestic than the other. And soon the lights of the Lavasa city enlightened the spirits within us. Not to miss the rejuvenation nap we took in between. Really, it was respite. Respite from work, respite from city life and respite from the mad race. I was loving the evening. The drizzles, the cups of coffee and then the roaming around, completely at our wills. After a sumptuous dinner of biriyani, we watched movie till very late at night. What an awesome way to spend the weekend.

Evening fun

Next morning was splendid, the sky etched with blue and grey patches, colourfully dressed people loitering around. Candy floss, roasted corn and the smell of rain took us back to our college days. We giggled, chatted, ran around, made faces.We lived the moments that had gone by. The return journey had the heaviness of returning to reality, yet it was fun. We stopped for a snack of roasted corn, while it drizzled deliciously.

Reliving the college days

Vacations are not short or long, they are injections of life. The right people, right atmosphere and happiness within makes a vacation worth living. Lavasa, though a bit expensive than the other nearby getaways, is worth a visit. Because it actually is a synonym to rejuvenation and perfect leisure. Happy monsoons to all my readers.

Ingredients for a perfect vacation

Pics courtesy Nilesh, Avishek and some people we happen to meet

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