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Life is all about celebration. Every moment can actually be converted to an experience to cherish. But the reality of life is more hard hitting and leery. Yet it is important for all of us to create memories of smiling faces, childishness during adulthood and delectable chaos. And probably festivals are times of such indulgence. Be it the madness of Durga Puja or the palpable gaiety during Christmas, festivities do infuse a zest to continue, a zest to conquer all hurdles.

Talking about festivals of incredible India, I think Diwali stands out to be the one whose celebrations are most generously spread across the map of our country. And why not, if celebrated with a heart and compassion for others, including environment, it is undisputedly the most effervescent, illuminated and ecstatic commemoration. I love Diwali, because lights attract me (read : My Radiance Obsession). When the darkness of Diwali night is lacerated by the prodigal usage of lights, I feel delighted from the core of my heart.

But this Diwali was very special, as we, meaning Avishek and I spent it with a bunch of fun loving friends in the beautiful Lake City of Lavasa. The city has been designed with an inspiration from Italian Town Portofino (info source : Wiki) and is markedly chic. This was not our first rendezvous though ( Read : Vacay at Lavasa), but each travel story has an unique element that makes it special and this post is all about that.

We along with Bidisha and Mainak, had started early in the morning in their red mean machine, a colour, that signifies probably a lot, but to me its all about passion. Passion for travel, passion for love and passion for life! Four of us, giggling, gossiping and enjoying the morning softness of the air, travelled towards our destination, it was a joy ride indeed.

Dil Chahta Hai...pic courtesy: Sambit

We reached Lavasa before lunch time and were joined by the friends who had reached the place a night before. Rituparna and Sambit the vivacious couple were known to us, but we met Rati and Kinjal for the first time. Needless to say they were warm and an absolutely adorable couple. We could very well sense, that the next 24 hours would fetch some delectable memoirs to cherish.

pic courtesy: Ritu

I really enjoyed the lunch time, the afternoon sun was not too troublesome. We chose to sit under the blue sky and indulge. Hilarious topics, fun-filled moments and colourful Lavasa etched a pretty frame. I thank Sambit and Ritu for the moments they captured for us through their lens, real, living and breathing moments.

pic courtesy: Sambit

Pic courtesy : Sambit

After a short and sweet afternoon nap, we were ready to plunge into the Diwali mood of celebrations. Avishek had got with him a generous amount of crackers, which had the potential of unleashing the hesitant child in us. As his partner, I know his enthusiasm to burst crackers, but I was amused and overwhelmed to see the participation from everyone. The dark lanes of the chic city was soon illuminated by the lights lit by us. The starry night looked splendid in all its glory.

The celebrations was followed by late night "adda". Mainak had chosen the abode to perfection, Mercure was comfortable and cosy. Some cheers, some munching and some luscious musings, some smoke, some haze and some charming craze, made the night awesome.

pic courtesy : Ritu

The next morning we woke up fresh, after a hearty breakfast followed by some cycling, posing, archery etc we set out on our way back. It was a small trip, but no trip is small enough to be insignificant. In-fact the little time that the eight of us spent together gifted us memoirs of fun, frolic and more.

I will end with few lines emerged out of my not too good poetic skills:

"Lanes that lead to scoops of gaiety,

Lanes that lead to life,

Lanes that infuse infectious smiles,

To those thoroughfares, let us have a ride....."


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