No, neither am I a psychiatrist nor an expert of human psychology. I am just a meager part of the corporate world which faces the epidemic disease called stress. Or rather a victim to this disease with little or no idea of how to combat it! But my ignorance on this subject reduced to a commendable extent sometime back. When I attended a session called “SELF MANAGEMENT or LIFE-STYLE MANAGEMENT” in office. Right from naming the session to its execution every aspect was aimed at fetching a bit of solace and knowledge of knowing one own self. And hence the name was changed from generic “STRESS MANAGEMENT” to as mentioned. The session started at 10:00 am, ended at 6:00 pm only breaking for lunch in between. But surprisingly differing from many sessions I have attended or taken on different subjects, this one continuously flowed laminar with the thought process of the attendees. There was no loss of track, interaction or involvement proving the interest building capabilities of the presenters. Dr. S. Sivaramakrishnan and Dr. Ashish Chakraborty have really gifted an informative and innovative session, which as a professional and working wife, I feel I am benefited. Certain take away I want to share with my readers.​​

Man has evolved from primitive to the modern human; every human organ has undergone evolution to adapt to the changing vulnerabilities around. However a part of our brain called “Hypothalamus” has remained the same.

Hypothalamus, which is, the organ related to emotions, is only tuned to deal with physical stress, true for the environment a primitive man was exposed to.

But today, the main stress is psychological, but the secretion from this extinct organ in us is aimed to combat physical one. It secretes adrenaline and corticosteroids. As the severity of stress in us increases, the secretion of corticosteroids increases and adrenaline decreases.It must be remembered that both these hormones are not required, as our stress does not require physical efforts to fight with it. Yet the problems created by adrenaline is reversible while corticosteroids implant irreversible health issues like hypertension and coronary diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis etc.

Hence stress management is very important to have a healthy life. But how? Some tips I collected:

  1. Any negative feeling will generate these hormones, hence it is not possible to eradicate them

  2. But positive thinking, less cribbing, less negative discussions can lessen corticosteroids secretion.

  3. Continuous 40 minutes exercise everyday is a must for healthy living. As it flushes the toxins out of our system by sweating and urination.

  4. But don't exercise before two hours after a meal and avoid exercising from 3:00 am to 6:00 am. This time is most vulnerable to coronary failures, as less blood is pumped to heart during this time. The blood flow is diverted for digestion and later assimilation.

  5. Persuasion of hobbies is the best stress buster, indulge and rejuvenate.

  6. Smoking kills, it actually does.

  7. Social drinking is fine but do not make it a habit. Avoid drinking alone and never drink under stress, these lead to alcoholism.

  8. Stop over stretching, know our limits and also respect them. Remember you are not born to appease.

  9. Red Wine, Fishes and Exercising give you good cholesterol. But don’t take advantage and become a drunkard.

  10. Avoid multi-tasking as much as possible, both physically and mentally. It is stressful.

  11. Ageing is inevitable, but don't age prematurely by over stress.

  12. Sleep quantity and quality both matters, hence don't neglect this aspect.

  13. At last, love yourself and respect your identity. Inculcate good habits and evolve. Change yourself, but remember never try changing others. You can only motivate by being exemplary.


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