Home is a reflection of Identity

I am creative. At least people around me think so. However, I am not sure, although I feel an urge to paint my feelings with words, fill my blank canvas with colours. These words, these colours are mine, very mine. Is this creativity? May be!

Since I was very young, I wanted my space to look unique. Whether it was a small shelf, which Baba told me was mine or later my room. I remember how meticulously I would work towards making it my signature. And after completion I would admire, spellbound at my creation. So I believe I have a bit of right to call myself tad creative. Don’t I?

Few years back, just after few months we had shifted to Mumbai, my husband and I purchased a house, our own house. It was like a dream come true. The 16th floor apartment in Thane, with the jaw dropping view of the Western Ghats gradually evolved from a house of cement and concrete to our home, Aritra and Avishek’s. The evolution was laminar and delicious. Unfolding gradually the beauty of togetherness in a corner, which we could call our own. So it goes without saying, it is special, very special. May be in future we will buy bigger houses, but first love is always dear.

Buying a house in Mumbai, drains you of your money, and hence doing the interiors took a back seat. Yet I love my space, the paintings, the chandelier I love them all. Each corner of my home is a reflection of me. But I dream to do it better, chic and drenched in serenity. My dream is clear and palpable, which I want to share with you.

Starting with the living area, for which chic is the word. Every corner should adorn elegance. I want the curtains to be in black and red with a tinge of golden here and there, black couch with red cushions works for me with background wall paper in earthy and golden colours. A beautiful, preferably Ganesh Pyne painting is what I dream of. The lights will be mostly in yellow, a crystal chandelier, focus light on paintings and an adorable lamp shade by the couch. An intricate play of dark and light will infuse that mysterious charm that defines me. A black glass dining-table, and an astray shaped centre-table is what I want. The television will be wall mounted, on black wall paper. I prefer a red carpet under the centre-table. Chosen show pieces can find place, only if they can match my taste.

Then my bedroom, for which comfort and romance are the words. A king size bed, comfortable and soothing wall colour preferably pink, even if you call it cliche, an entire wall with wardrobe with preferably glass sliding door and a huge dressing table is my idea of that special space of mine. Oh! the curtains, they should be lacy and mischievous for that moment of arouse, preferably in white. An elegantly framed wedding picture will find its place on the biggest wall.

The corridor wall will be effectively utilised for tasteful paintings and family album. I want few of the paintings to be aligning with my love for Bengali culture, preferably old Kolkata depicted on canvas, or the night beauty of the Howrah bridge.

For the guest, room I believe access and comfort are the words. I will ensure that it is the one with attached bathroom. It should have a queen size bed and an almost empty almirah for their things. The walls I wish to be in hues of blue and a thought provoking handcraft preferably from the North-East should add that class.

There will be elaborate use of led-lights, flowers and plants here and there in the entire HouseHold. I love continual touch of festivity, it fills me with effervescence and call my creative juices to flow.

Our Homes are a bit of us, the kind of relationship, thought or upbringing we posses, reflects in what we make our homes look like. It may not be lavish, or exquisite but it should be you. Though I elaborately described my ideas on interiors, yet I feel the best piece of decoration is the ambience. Love and respect will induce that positivity to your household that will make it look like a dream, your dream.

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