Uniquely poignant

Happiness is a state of mind. What makes you happy and what makes you sad, is for you to decide. I am extremely emotional. I get attached to everything and being associated with me. Changing accommodation to changing job, takes a toll on my emotions. I know it is stupid of me, but how to change I don’t know. In fact India as a whole is an emotion driven nation, from idolizing a movie artist to celebrating festivals. We get carried away with the emotional drift. We are happy on petty gains and similarly sad too. But it is not our weakness for sure. Our emotional thirst, makes us stand apart, we are uniquely poignant and are ecstatic to be so.

As a kid, I remember vividly, every year the Bhutanese would come down during winters with their huge collection of woolens. Colorful, soft and furry! And it was customary for all aunties to go and buy some. My mom was also amongst them. When I recollect the gleam that appeared after they bought the stuff at their proposed prices, I feel euphoric even today. However, it is worth mentioning that the bargains, were often long and tedious jobs, demanding loads of patience and perseverance. Hence the joy of victory was totally justified. I doubt whether they ever were at gain, but the emotional upliftment quotient was tremendous.

As college day scholars, we would often visit the famous street market nearby called Hatibagan. It was like a project in itself. Like marching towards the battle ground with a shield and a naked sword. The bargains over a neckpiece or a stud, took hours. Yet even the extra Five Rupees off, meant loads of happiness. Afterall the one extra golgappa with extra sev and lemon juice, tastes better than all the others and leaves us craving for more. More of taste and more of divine gaiety!

We Indians always love a little more, an extra spoon of chutney with the samosa or sambar with Dosa, we prefer it that way. An extra dose of happiness! And believe me, this makes us unique! This crave infuses extra enthusiasm to stretch beyond limits to achieve, which might look un-achievable from a distance. Our spirit ranges from buying an ear-ring in a local market to launching our Mars mission. We do everything for that extra bit of happiness and accomplishment. And take the world by surprise with the same.

"The little boy sat with his hands folded and half closed eyes. Grandma was busy chanting mantra and paying homage to Lord Krishna. And the kid waited for the rituals to be over. Afterall Grandma has prepared some yummy laddoos for God and he believes he deserves a meaty share for stopping himself from stealing some. After the puja when she places a huge one on his little palm, he looks disapprovingly at the wrinkled face. “More?” she asks and places another. The kid runs to his little sister with a smile and gives her a small share of his belongings. The little girl looks at her big brother disappointed. “More?’’ he asks and places a bit more on her even smaller palm. She giggles with gaiety and gives a little to her doll sitting by her. By some gesture, I or you might fail to appreciate, she knows the doll wants more and bestows it the luxury."

We Indians grow not only with the idea of getting more, in the process we also learn giving more. We give more to our relationships and strengthen it. No wonder we are known for family values. We give more to professional commitments and achieve many a milestones that bewilder the world. And hence since we give more, don’t you think our zest to getting extra is justified. Jokes apart, actually we Indians are emotional enough to derive that extra bit of happiness both by giving and taking more.

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