The rhythm of raindrops

As the first drops come dancing down,

Your beauty has greenery as its crown.

I walk around and drench my being,

The grey looming clouds, to pour are keen.

The mountains, through my window I beckon,

As the effervescence descends from heaven.

The fragrance of wet soil and the soaked birds,

Tranquility resides for yards and yards.

At times the sun rays struggles out,

How to gain back supremacy, now that is their doubt.

The scorched land have heaved sigh of relief,

Rain will bring respite, is the farmer’s belief.

I sit and pen down my newest rhythm,

As the glittering drop descend my window pane with lissome.

At a distance I see the kids at play,

They jump, they giggle as the colorful little umbrellas sway.

The smell of steaming tea and roasted corn fill my nostrils,

The feeling of Mumbai Rains absolutely thrills.

So let us welcome this season of romance,

And let it etch memories, cherished and pronounced.

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