Broken Images - a glance into one own-self

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”

― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Human psychology is such an intriguing subject that oodles of excitement gathers at the core of my heart whenever this topic is mentioned to me. Though I know and understand very little of it but it does not stop me from thinking about the layers of intertwined emotions that keeps us functioning as discrete individuals.

Another fascinating side of psychology lies in the fact that knowing one own-self is the toughest compared to knowing the mysteries around, at-least I have found out that "I" am the craziest riddle I have ever attempted to decipher.

With this deep-seated inquisitiveness to unravelling the knots of thoughts, recently I happen to see a play "Broken Images" enacted by veteran actor and theatre personality Shabana Azmi. Written by Girish Karnad and directed by Alyque Padamsee. Its a psychological thriller, as many of you have already guessed with my generous prelude.

When it comes to exhibiting superior acting prowess onscreen or on-stage Shabana Azmi, continues to be one of the best the country has produced. A 60 minute long rendezvous with that talent of hers wooed me away. It is tough to point out a single flaw.

The play opens on a light note by introducing "Manjula Sharma", a mediocre hindi writer who has suddenly attracted international acclaim on her first English novel. A television channel happen to air her live interview, wherein she wittily addresses the negative reaction of many people, who condemn her for betraying her mother tongue that is hindi. Its eventually an unforeseen transition from a light hearted interaction to a psychological thriller. The audience is hardly given time to assimilate the overture, which is the essence.

In no time we find Manjula facing her own inner self, which is a prerecorded projection of Shabana Azmi. The interaction suavely guide the audience to the unknown, complex, guilt stricken Manjula and goes on to revealing striking facts about her existence. Facts that turn the perception of Manjula Sharma upside down for the audience.

I believe its unethical to reveal the story, but I cannot resist myself from discussing the pinnacle of excitement that the actress builds at the end. A shriek, an outburst of the evil residing in her and light effect of glass breaking,Broken Images. Believe me at this point you cannot refrain from getting scared.

Overall it was a remember worthy watch and intrigues the play-catcher in me for witnessing more such masterpieces.


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