Dear Zindagi-Movie Review

I woke very early that day, the sky had just turned crimson. The air was laden with sweet coldness which hit my face as I suddenly opened the french window. I breathed hard, my eyes were fluffy with last night's sleeplessness. I wonder if I had any clue, what the coming day had for me to look forward to. A strange pain originated in my chest and traversed painfully to the mid of my back. I kept breathing to the fullest of my lung capacity and kept telling myself "I am fine, I am fine, I am fine...."

Sounds familiar? Well! I believe everyone of us have moments when we feel cluelessness and emptiness filling our hearts. Times when we become unfamiliar to our own-selves, and seemingly loose control of our individual existence.

"Dear Zindagi" a movie directed and written by Gauri Shinde of "English Vinglish" fame, deals with those untouched realms of human psychology. Before going to reviewing this work of art, I confide that I loved every frame. It's a masterpiece and answers many unanswered questions that boggles many of us from time to time.

Kaira aka Koko, an attractive young cinematographer played by Alia Bhatt is a modern day girl. Her very frame is so urban, cool and fresh that you immediately fall in love. But Koko has more to her petite kitty. While she is great at what she does and nurses humongous career goals, she is complicated and is apparently not in a happy personal space. In the first half of the movie, it is fairly unclear that why Kaira is in the state of despondency that she is. But eventually it unfolds itself in a pace that it unifies itself with the audiences. Koko breaks up with her partner and seeks love in another guy, but unable to convey herself to him which eventually leads her to loosing him.

In a state of dejection, self-pity and almost insomnia, Koko meets Jug aka Jahangir Khan, played by Shah Rukh Khan, a psychiatrist, therapist. The story actually starts to reveal itself only after this. SRK plays that dream Therapist that woman will seek to visit, but jokes apart, what an intricate portrayal.

While many a real time therapist, might object to Jug's unconventional way of counselling, but I feel that his therapy has worked for millions of movie-catchers. It might be unrealistic, but if any emotion connects heart to heart, I feel its superior to hard core reality.

Through the sessions we interpret Koko more and more, as we witness her, pouring herself in her "jug". And I believe many people will realistically connect to Koko's elucidation of life. At the end we discover, with some hidden moist at the corner of our eyes, a winner. A delectable transformation from a sulker to a person who sings "Love You Zindagi".

Coming to acting, Alia Bhatt delivered a heart warming performance, incredibly natural and superbly overwhelming. I can safely call it her best so far. She is an incredible actress. Shah Rukh Khan, is a delight to watch. Every second that he occupies the screen with his presence glorifies the movie. Life is difficult, but it is important to pour out, otherwise feelings of low conglomerate to an entangled lump of never fading sadness. Gauri Shinde has out done herself, by commemorating the spirit of life.I also thank her for breaking the societal taboos on mental health.

"Dear Zindagi" is a piece of life served beautifully to the audience. It is a search of finding one's own identity. Alia, SRK and Gauri Shinde needs immense applause for creating this wondrous piece of art.


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