Say "NO" to being Judgemental..

An awesome video for sure

It was just by chance that I happen to see this video on you tube and instantly wanted to share. It showcases the basic most human instinct “being judgemental” and wanders on those untouched realms of human psychology which we often want to avoid. Come on! Who would like to admit that he/she is judgemental, and that his/her judgments are often based on physical appearance, dressing sense or sense of addressing people? But the reality is, we all judge and that too based on things which are no parameters for judging someone. And this sense is stronger when it comes to the fairer sex. If her boss drops her home, she must be dating him. If she is not married away as per Indian standards of age for marriage, there must be some issue with her. These judgements are innumerable and often wrong.

Are we in the era of tabloid journalism? I happen to bump over this term when Shobhaa De, happen to grace Karan Johar’s famous gossip show “Koffee with Karan”. This smart mouthed lady, who had made her appearance with Vijay Mallya on the show, had indicated that in India we are about to enter an era of tabloid journalism. As in, journalism which is specialist in sensitizing and selling! Some time back, Deepika Padukone’s “My choice” was all over social media, or the twitterati about Anushka Sharma’s presence in Cricket World Cup’s semi final match, this social uproar was no doubt instigated and multiplied by the media, quite knowingly I suppose. But when videos like this one, comes up, it never gets its deserved share of limelight and I hence wanted to share.

I mean, clearly a video like this, suits the hour. In a country like ours, which is actually developing and getting more and more westernised each day, this is important. It is important, to let time and situation help judge a person, rather than his/her illusionary looks or habits. A girl who dances in a dance bar, may be doing it to sponsor her father’s medical expense or may be for her pocket money, don’t judge. Similarly a friend who heavily comes down at you at your faults, may be a better person than a hypocrite diplomat, don’t judge. Just don’t judge unnecessarily, give yourself some time before you tag someone as “looser”, “Snob” or “characterless”. And to avoid being judgemental, you must come over yourself and know your flaws, and also know to put yourself in other’s shoes. But whatever it is, I thank Kalki Koechlin and the entire team for making this one, no doubt her efforts did not draw mass attention but she did her bit, which is commendable. Nothing is as great, as spreading positive energy in this world of negativity.


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