Domestic Violence- An Act of Disgrace

In this world of rapid growth, modernization and development, the question is, are we really progressing? Can any civilization grow without an open mind, without equality of sexes? The growth that we are witnessing is it pseudo? Frankly, I believe this so called perpetual growth that the world is rejoiced to witness, is nothing but virtual. The human civilization which had started off on the basis equal status of the sexes, has boiled down to an ugly society where household is the most unsafe place for a woman. We talk of rape, acid attacks and other heinous crimes against woman but what about domestic violence? When a girl returns within the secured walls of her house is she secured? Is anybody to be trusted? I guess the answer is NO. Atrocities on women are more within the walls than outside. And scarily the stats speak so only on the basis of the ones reported; while many others go unreported, unseen and un-sympathized. A disturbing toll indicated that the number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012, was only half the number of American women murdered by their male partners during that time. This gruesomeness is not limited to any particular stratum of the society, who is unaware of the infamous case of Chris Brown’s domestic brutality against Rihanna. Like all other countries of the world, this loathsome crime in India is a roaring reality. But the difference here is the social stigma attached. A major number of cases go unreported due to the fear of loosing social status. It is said, that for every woman who complains there is a one who suffers in silence. There is a culture of silence that surrounds it, like parents pushing their daughters back to abusive husbands on the name of compromise.

Niti came to see her ailing mother in her village; it was seven months since she was married away to Rishabh, a Mumbai based businessman. She was once a bubbly girl, but the girl that came was very strangely different. Her smile was pale and evidently fake. Her eyes were lifeless. Rishabh was rich and was bearing the expense for her mother’s treatment. She was indebted to him. If he would not have extended his hand in aid, her mother would have died. But nothing comes free. Niti had marks here and there on her body. Her mother was not alien to those, but she preferred to be blind. The drugs reduced her pain and she feared it might come back again.

Rajiv returned from office drunk and doped, he opened the bedroom door, turned on the music and what followed next was a series of blows. His belt was tired hitting the young girl sitting helplessly on the floor, who hoped for an iota of mercy. But Rajiv was not, the alcohol and drugs gave him extra strength, strength to make her suffer. She took the cruel blows for months, but eventually Sunita revolted and seeked law. Thankfully her parents cared more for her pain rather than societal status and stood by her. Now she leads a decent life, with her head held high.

The above stories and characters are fictitious but the situations are not. In India the toll of reported domestic violence has increased drastically, which is good and bad alike. The surrounding cloud of silence has slowly evaporated and at the same time it is alarming to come to terms with the hard reality.

Taken from Wikipedia on Domestic violence in India " National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes, and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the husband occurs every nine minutesThis all occurs despite the fact that women in India are legally protected from domestic abuse under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act ."

With a world full of opportunities, there is no place for a woman to save her honour. How long will the naked dance of destruction, destruction of body and soul continue? Neither I know the answer nor you. When Salman Khan abuses Katrina Kaif, that is news. But after a few words of sympathy, Salman is again worshipped by millions. It shows neither we have symapthy for the victim nor anger for the abuser. Then again there are million of Katrina's taking the abuse of more violent Salmans every day. Where is the end? No one will bring transformation, if we women don't act judiously and keep on enduring. It is important to know that your partner is a abuser, read the following article: Know the pattern, Recognise the abuser and later take steps to save your dignity and life. The society does not make us, we make the society, don't give in to bourgeoisie. Live with your head held high. STOP THIS SHIT!


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