We are liars - A book Review

I just completed my recent read “We are liars” by Emily Lockhart. I did not read any of Emily’s creations before. And when I started reading this one I decided not to read either. But here I am sitting down to pen my review for the book. Which suggests a probable change of my thinking about the book during the course of my read? And indeed that is what the case is.

The book starts and ends with intricate use of exceedingly short sentences. Initially as a reader I found it annoying. But I guess this must be the author’s signature. And you tend to get used to it during your journey through the pages.

We are liars is a psychological mystery. And why I say so? There is mystery to be unfolded and it is the mind of the main protagonist Cadence Sinclair Eastman, that goes through an entire turmoil to get to the reality. And what dreadful, nightmarish reality! A reality of shame, guilt and never ending agony!

The story revolves around the wealthy and high profile Sinclair Family. The members of which are blessed with inherent physical charm and inherited properties! A rich man, with three daughters and grand children come together as a burning example of the bourgeois society and its baseless morality. Distinction on the basis of economic inheritance and colour are discussed in this book in a subtle yet effective manner. The polished exteriors are wondrous camouflage to their greedy, insecure and useless selves.

Each year, the family comes down to Beechwood, their private island to spend summer together. This is the place where the cousins bind and Cadence finds love in Gat. A nephew to her aunt’s live in partner. The kids weave a world of their own and include more lovable memories to their kitty each year,

The mystery starts with the occurrence of an accident to Cadence in the island and her associated amnesia. The author successfully builds the plot in a gradual and interesting way, following the path of Cadence’s revival of memory as she sets foot on Beechwood two years later. The ending is extremely unexpected, but I will not disclose it. Because I suggest reading it, if you really like to unfold a differently done mystery in the arms societal shortfall!

We are liars grows on you but slowly, its end is very interesting. But you have to be a patient reader to reach up to it. What I loved is the social messages that the writer has tried to put across through her highly impressive narrative.


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