And my minds wanders to a world REMADE

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

Rabindranath Tagore

This world is not perfect. Yet we love it. But that can’t stop us from dreaming of a better tomorrow, in a better world. But many a times it becomes difficult to know what is better or best. It is so much subject to our mental state. When office chores become unacceptably huge, I feel it’s better to be at home and continue writing till oblivion. But otherwise it’s difficult to imagine a life without indulging into my chemical engineering thing. So what appears desired today may be just a pseudo desire, but what we really want is tough for even ourselves to understand and assimilate. Yet we always adorn the burning desire of a better, brighter world around us.

When I think, it leaves me dazzled. I do not know who the creator of this world is. But the detailing with which he/she has etched the fine lines of his/her extravagant creation is mind boggling. The wide range of flora and fauna, the geographical wondrous anomaly compels me to think of his/her outlandish vision. May be so we name him/her God, and worship! Yet I believe the world is not perfect. But the imperfections have been induced by not the creator but the creations. The imperfections are not external rather they are internal.

So if I dare to think of recreating this world, I will not think of touching its exterior. What I want to work on, is the innermost self of the beings that will reside in my world. But talking of the beings, there are two societies of them around us. First is the social society where we, the so called social animals reside. And the other is the savage society, where the other unsocial (or is it otherwise, time to introspect?) animals inhabit. And the greatest irony is; the savage society is actually more compassionate, true and divine than the social society. A tiger attacks a timid dear and tears it to pieces, but only to sustain its own life, only to quench the hunger roaring within him. So in short, the savage society is drawn by the laws of survival instinct. And it’s beautiful in whatever it is. It’s varied, dangerous and venomous yet its beauty is beyond the scope of words. So when I start my imaginary world remake I won’t ever touch the incredible savage society.

So what I am left with, is you and me and our very own human race, which according to me needs immediate reformation or rather remake. Humans are the most wonderful creation of the creator, yet why do you think it is the only part of the big, bad world which requires amendment? The answer to this question is not known to me. Or may be because the creator bestowed our race with powers much more than all other species alive, but the power now needs to be channelized.

Human race has gone through a lot of evolution; from ape man to the modern day man. But my world will start directly with today’s mankind. Talking literally I will start with man who is kind, who is compassionate and who is human. Today the world human race has completely put its attention to materialistic gains. The real emotions have taken a back seat. And hence the increasing toll of crime, corruption and devastation. There is naked dance of death everywhere if we look around. There is blood shed, the echo of firing bullets and desperate cries. The difference between the savage society and us being, they shed blood to continue living, we do the same but to exhibit power and gain worldly pleasures.

To me the world I will recreate will be the man I remake. My man will have a heart of gold and thinking free from fetters of bourgeoisie. He will acquire knowledge for free, only if he has the will to. The world will be free of criminal instinct, so that every man has the power and will to speak his mind without fear. It will have fair economic distribution. And offcourse with honest people, it is an obvious outcome. The rich will not get richer and poor not poorer.

The creator has created two types in every species, the males and the females. While these two types dwell happily in the savage world, the females live in insecurities in our civilised society. So in my new world, every human will be born equal, both males and females will have mutual respect besides admiration. In my world, the girl child will not be murdered in her mother’s womb, she will not be slaughtered by her in laws for dowry, she will walk with her head held high without taunt, assault or rape, and she will not be objectified and bought and sold. She will be above her body. My world will respect woman and not merely say that.

My world will be better than paradise, because my residents will be happy to the core. But again my world is just imaginary; it resides in the gray matter of my brain. But is it completely unattainable, I ask you? Can’t we at our meagre level, do sometime to change the world? I know its tough, may be vaguely possible, but I will never dump it as impossible. As they say “droplets make the sea”, so lets do our bit and rest will follow. Let us all put our efforts to create a world as the poet had desired.


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