Tears never stopped

“Missing is a word too small,

But I don’t know better words to express my melancholy,

I am just sub-optimal with no opulence with me,

May be I never deserved you,

Then why did you come?

Because after you left my life,

My tears never stopped.”

Love to me is life. I am Tanaya. I was a crazy teenager. But now I am mellowed. People said I had sparkling eyes. But now the sparkle resides no more. Yeah like a typical teenager I mourn my dump. He dumped me forever. There are no hopes of reunion. Some say I am over reacting, some say it’s normal. But I know my life is normal no more.

It was last spring when we met. Eyes met and the sparks flew. There were many people on that busy road, leading to the Sunday market. But my eyes met his. Is this destiny or cupid playing his silly games? What is more real cupid or destiny? Or rather, what is stronger? I don’t know, neither I intend to know anymore. He lived in the government colony on the narrow side of the lane, which eventually led to our palatial luxury apartments. He was studious, intelligent and hard working. He looked very handsome. Six feet tall with dark brooding looks! I often teased him, and asked to try his luck as a hero in bollywood. After-all we lived in the city of dreams, or should I say broken dreams “Mumbai”. But he was poor, very poor. I mean solely on the basis of monetary belongings. Otherwise Rishi was a king, with a heart of gold.

I am a plain Jane. Except my sparkling eyes, I have no other attractiveness. But they are lost now. I am lazy, impulsive, over emotional and a mediocre student. But I am rich, very rich. I mean solely on the basis of the monetary belongings of my business tycoon, and illiterate father. But I still used to love daddy, after-all he is my daddy. But now just like the sparkle in my eyes, I have lost my love for him.

Rishi and me, indulged in many lovey dovey moments, he got me my favorite orchids on my birthday. He used the money he earned by giving tuition to buy the gift. I love them. The petals are still, in between pages 112 and 113 of my favorite novel “P.S. I love you”. This novel became my favorite after Rishi dumped me. But our love lasted for only six months. It was destined to be over in a very short frame of time. Or is it cupid again? I don’t want to know.

My father had asked Rajesh uncle, to take our BMW that day. I hate Rajesh uncle. I guess he is a goon. In-fact I am sure he is. Our BMW is black. It used to be my favorite of all the cars we have. But now I hate it. I and Rishi were supposed to meet that evening. But he dumped me, he never met me again. His friend called me to say, he was dead, run over by a black BMW. My father had learned about our relationship, about two days before Rishi left me forever.

We did not meet, the next spring. In-fact we will never meet again. Is it fair for destiny to dump me so hard? Is it fair for me to be rich, and him to be poor? Whatever it is……and the tears never stopped.

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