An untold tale of quiet

It was afternoon; the sun was shining down in full glory. It was also the last day of our stay in Gangtok. I wondered how to make the best out of it. I wanted to feel the place, and carry the fragrance with me. So I along with my husband Avishek decided to have a last stroll, in the Sikkimese village nearby. Hill stations have a smell, feel and soul of its own. Its slow paced simple life comes as a welcome change to people like us. Their life is simple but not easy. But yet, they bear the natural ups and downs and face them with a smile.

Going down the lane to explore

Could not resist hugging her :-)

The lane down our resort led us to a small village; young girls and little kids were playing in the welcome warmth of the afternoon sun. At a distance, another bunch of kids were dancing to raunchy Bollywood numbers, probably they were preparing for a group dance for some program. As we walked farther in to the village, a little monastery attracted our attention. At a distance some young chap was playing his guitar and singing a Nepali song. The ambiance was magical, the divine monument stood in front of us and the foggy air around, brought with it a pinch of music.

The monastery

We walked farther, a group of male and female workers had just received freedom from their day’s work. They looked gay and giggled along. The cute, red cheeked, happy faces are still with me. At a distance we spotted a small temple.

The temple from a distance

But it was getting dark, we had to return. We had to return for good, I do not know if will see those people, that monastery again or hear that mesmerizing music. But I feel blessed to have experienced it at least once.

And darkness descends...

Vacations are much more than exploring places. Knowing the culture, the life of the people who belong to the land that leaves us awestruck is more interesting. I hope one day, I am able to experience so much, that I feel fulfilled, not with money, not with any palpable treasure but only my travel diary.


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