The Fishermans Wharf - An experience to cherish

It was a beautiful night, but I was not feeling too good. Any vacation must end, but that end never comes easy. It falls on you with its share of agonies and mental turbulence. Going back to normalcy feels dejecting and heart-aching. I was experiencing the same syndrome. It was our last night in Goa, at least for that trip and I wanted to cling to it a little longer. Keeping with our food trip spirit, we carefully chose the diner for the night. "The Fisherman's wharf" it was.

Romantically inclined was the ambiance

A shack-style yet fine diner located by the river in Salcette, South Goa, this restaurant had a magical ambiance to say the least. Just opposite Holiday Inn Resort, as you approach this one the sound of live band playing nuzzle your eardrum welcoming you to an evening to remember.

When we entered, initially we could not get a table by the river, but eventually we managed to get one. The river flowed along, and so did the music. We enjoyed both to the fullest. The lights, the decor and the romantic songs played by the musicians created a spell of rejoice, the stars and the softly rippling water added to the beauty.

We relaxed with my glass of "Cosmopolitan" and my husband's scotch, for satisfying our taste-buds there was "Stuffed Crab", an unusual combination of crab with cheese, crispy chicken and Goan special Masala prawns. All tasted great, but I fell in love with the Crabs, though not essentially a crab person.

Choose your eat

Foodie's life And then off-course we danced and rejoiced, euphorically spent the evening in a way I always love. I strongly suggest "The Fisherman's wharf" to all those romantic souls who hit the coasts of the tropical paradise regularly, and also to those who love to get a touch of nature wherever they go.

Dancing away...

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