Our September trip to Goa, was a foodies's delight. An indulgence to dream of. Staying a little away from the beach, kind of annoyed us but we tried to compensate for that loss by binge. Today I plan to review what they call South Goa's celebrity eatery "Martin's Corner". Well before I entered the place, I had no clue why Goan people called the place so. But it just took me moments to appreciate the reason, once I was there. "No" it wasn't celebrity studded, the actual celebutante was the ambiance, the colourful decor, the cheerful crowd and off-course the live music.

To me, it isn't too important to rate the food, though I would say it was good enough. The place is for experiencing the ambiance, food is just an added flavour. Having said that we had ordered quite a bit, starting with my cocktail "Tequila Sunrise" a fruity delight with tequila, which tasted wonderful. We also ordered "Basa fry" which was heavenly, "Calamari Butter Garlic", which was our first try with squids but unfortunately we both hated it, not the chef's fault though, our taste buds aren't that versatile with non-veg stuff yet, so as a compensation we added cliche "chicken fried rice" to our order list, which tasted, expectantly "cliche".

But I loved the prettification and accessorising of the interiors, pretty cool and colourful stuff was used. The live music was heart-warming, they mostly played vintage english tracks. My hubby who never ceases to surprise me, without my knowledge requested a hindi number and one of my all time favourites "Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar" and dedicated that to me. It was a sweet moment for both of us, but what amused me more was that, the crowd came much more alive as the singer started to play the prelude, probably an awaited relief from the ongoing english tracks. Afterall we all love bollywood music, don't we?

Overall, I would suggest Martin's corner to all the lovers of spirited atmosphere, music and offcourse food.

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