Overlooking the capricious waves of the Arabian Sea hitting the boulders and Queen’s necklace of Marine drive, Dome, is ideal breeding ground for romantic seeds. It’s chic white couches and smartly placed candle lit lamps, creates an intriguing and exciting illusion of the dark and light. The blue illumination here and there, especially near the pool side, casts a deceiving magical spell on the onlooker. While the DJ continues bang on with the Swedish mafia, the cool breeze lovingly caresses and plays with strands of hair. The bounteous sky dotted with twinkling stars and Moon looking down! It was a mystical and romantic evening for us. Though not the full moon, but the night was blessed with an almost one. Which added feather to the cap.

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Located at the roof top of Hotel intercontinental in Churchgate Mumbai, Dome is one of the famous sky lounges in the City. A lavish lounge known for its million dollar view, it is a treat to see the majestic sun gradually embrace the darkness and sink in the Arabian waters, painting the sky red. The food and beverages are good, if not great. The staff is friendly and adds spark to the place. Every good thing comes with a price, and hence the price of eatables and drinkables at this cocktail lounge are definitely the higher side, but worth for the stupendous view.

pic courtesy : google images

We had our share of romance and enjoyed every moment of the evening in the lounge. Though not the best place to fill your stomach, but definitely of the best to quench your thirst to view the beauty of the city in a most chic way. I recommend Dome to people looking forward to spending a chilled out and romantic evening by the bay!

me and my hubby at DOME

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