Hello Friends!! I am back to my very own space after a long long time. Durga Puja celebrations had pulled me into an intoxicating twirl of emotions. However now I am back, back to telling the tales of my choice. By the way...How was your Dusshera/ Durga Puja? I hope you have had an overwhelming celebration time. Wish you permanent festivities inside your heart. Now this blogpost is a long pending one, my review of the movie "PINK", cannot wait more to pour my heart.

I wanted to watch PINK from the day I had seen the trailer. Besides the evident reasons, like Amitabh Bachchan and Shoojit Sircar, the trailer was intriguing and thought provoking, I knew I had to watch this one. And as expected, I cherished my decision to the core.

PINK holds on to you from the very first scene, when the girls are seen rushing back to their apartment in a cab, on the silent night streets of the capital. Their smudged kohl and lip colour and the scared expressions, conveys loud and clear that something is so wrong. But the real essence of the movie gradually unfolds and ensures that the purpose of it is a bit more than just discussing an assault incident. PINK is a tight slap to the male chauvinist and gender biased societal structure of our nation, wherein "Equality..Equality" is just a cool thing to utter. The real bias exists in the very core of this bourgeois social structure.

Minal, Falak and Andrea are tenants in a posh area of South Delhi. They are spirited, modern and independent girls, leading life their own way. Things are gay, until that outrageous night, when the girls push back the unwanted sexual advances by guys they were not completely unacquainted. In the fight to restrict, Minal badly injures Rajveer, who happened to be from an influential political family. The real tale of mental harassment begins after the incident. I don't want to get to the details of the storyline, as I am sure most have already watched. What I want to convey is the targeted message to the society.

Amitabh Bachchan as the bipolar lawyer Deepak Sehgal is more than convincing. He is witty yet naive, he is deadly yet silent. This master of emotions renders another masterpiece. Taapsee, Kirti and Andrea are extraordinarily natural, to an extent that you tend to forget its a movie. I loved Kirti Kulhari as Falak Ali the most. Shoojit Sircar who has produced the movie, is known for creating excellence, the director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury has done a marvellous job but I thought the movie could be better edited. It wasn't as lucid as PIKU .

PINK openly addresses the conjectures and judgemental attitude of the people when it comes to working women. If they come late and are too successful, they must be sleeping with their bosses. If they are too unsuccessful, then women can't compete men after all. If they are beautiful, vibrant and smiling, then they must be either escorts or easy preys to the hungry wolves. In a country where even today a woman is judged by the length of her skirt, by the amount of make up she puts on....PINK is an important movie.

It clearly says that when a woman says NO it means NO, it does not matter if she is a wife, girlfriend, unknown or even a sex-worker. NO cannot mean anything else.

With that I conclude, applauding aloud the ensemble cast, technicians and makers of PINK, thanks for giving the society a dose of reality check.


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