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Goa symbolises the sea, the sandy beaches, the colourfully clad firang and desi people and most importantly the elaborate and palatable Goan cuisine. Few weeks back we were in Goa and for the 4th time. As expected we have had our share of site-seeing in our former trips, so this one we wanted to convert to a foodie delight. We started off with “Pedro’s” on the scenic Benaulim Beach of South Goa.

It was a beautiful moonlit night and the sand was shining ceremoniously in its imaginative luminance. When we drove down to the place from Varca, it was around 8:30 pm. But as September is off season for Goa as a travel destination, it was relatively sparsely populated.The staff was extremely cordial and sweet and since there were not too many to be attended, we were quite pampered.

We started off with "Masala Crab" and when the red hot crab cuisine came, we were left gasping for breathe. It was tasty, tangy and most importantly "HAWT". So to neutralize the tantalizing effect of the crab we ordered some less spicy "Masala Prawns". Both the dishes were undoubtedly delicacies and we enjoyed every bit of the red eyes and flowing nose. We had also ordered a cocktail "Jamaican delight", which was a yummy citrus indulgence with vodka. And then to top it all, we experienced flavoured hookah, me for the first time.

Life is a journey and sometimes when I look back, I appreciate the importance of uniqueness. Pedro's is undoubtedly not the best restaurant in South Goa, but its location by the sea on the serene Benaulim Beach, its friendly and chilled out atmosphere and the magic of time has made the experience unique to me. Do visit the place next time when you are in Goa.

we at Pedro's

A distant view

Colorblast :-)

Jamaican delight

Crabs before

Crab After ;-)

Hookah time...

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